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Zicam – why did the FDA issue warnings?

The reason the FDA issued a warning for people to stop using Zicam is because of the gel form of their product that prevented cells in the nose from exchanging essential nutrients, and the nose cells ‘suffocated’ because the gel starved them for air. Interestingly, zinc deficiency is known to be associated with a loss of smell.

I’ve heard people talking about whether they should stop supplementing with zinc due to the Zicam recall. My opinion would be that oral forms of zinc would not be related to the recent issues with Zicam. Zinc is the most common mineral deficiency in America; partly because it is one of the nutrients that our bodies use up faster when we are stressed (like who’s not?).

The most absorbable forms of zinc include citrate and picolinate. I also like Zinc Assay by Premier Research Labs. The Zinc Assay form is great because as you become less deficient, the liquid becomes more bitter tasting – so you know when you can scale back or eliminate it.

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