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Year-end supplement clearance and discounts!

Before I became a business owner, I used to love shopping after the holidays for year-end clearance deals. I didn’t realize then that store owners were trying to reduce their inventory for taxes! I still love the clearance sales – but don’t have as much time to shop them as we are busy trying to clear our inventory!

If you love to buy supplements and skin care products at a discount – this is the time to shop. If you haven’t checked out our Clearance Supplements and Items, do it now and do it often. We’re adding new things every day. Some are discontinued vitamins and cosmetics, some are just things that are over stocked and some that will expire in a few months.

For example, there are several Enzymatic Therapy vitamins discounted because we have more than we would normally sell before year end. Some manufacturers have a minimum advertised price that prohibits their products from being listed at prices below their MAP pricing. One of those is Gaia Herbs and World Nutrition, well-known for Vitalzym. In an effort to reduce some of these over-stocked items, customers will now find that some of these supplements are reduced when the log in to their account.

Enjoy the discounts and sales this time of year!