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Workout Wednesday-The Stadium

workout-of-the-week- 20 -minute Stadium workout

I was fortunate enough to attend the Green Bay Packers Family Night a few weeks ago. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Family Night, it’s an opportunity to watch the greatest football team ever practice and scrimmage at Lambeau Field before the NFL preseason games begin. It’s a fun night filled with football, free family activities and great food.

Our seats were pretty good too and as I climbed the steps to find my seat inside Lambeau I couldn’t help but think how much fun it would be to do a stadium stair workout at Lambeau Field.

I stumbled upon this workout from Vaulter Fit, one of my favorite workout websites. It’s a 20 minute stadium workout.

Here’s the breakdown:

-1 set of stadiums

-6 windmills (each side)

-1 set of stadiums

-6 push-up rotations (each side)

-1 set of stadiums

-6 lunges (each side)

-1 set of stadiums

-6 windshield wipers (each side)

The creator of this workout from Vaulter Fit said that she counted 1 set of stadiums as up and down the stairs 3 times since that was the size of the stadium she used. Yours may be bigger or smaller and you may need to adjust the number of stadiums you do based on how large the stadium stairs are.

stadium (2)

If you’re done with the workout before 20 minutes is up, keep repeating until you reach the full 20 minutes.

Good luck and be sure to watch your step!


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