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Workout Wednesday: The Kickboxing Ballet Workout


Up until now, we’ve focused on specific movements in our workouts. Moves that target your legs, abs, upper body, and your lower body. We’ve posted workouts that give your entire body a workout. We want you to be healthy and in shape as much as you want those things for yourself.

One thing we haven’t really done, is to talk about a workout that can be considered two-fold in that it combines two very different movements. We’re going to change that this week, and we think you’ll love what we’re going to share.

Kickboxing Ballet: Butt-Kicking Made Graceful

The workout we’re loving this week comes from Grace and SHAPE Magazine. Delivering a 4-in-1 workout plan, this workout combines the very different movements of graceful ballet with hard-hitting kickboxing moves for a fun (and totally equipment-free!) fitness twist.

If you’ve ever wanted to break free from a boring fitness routine, kickboxing ballet might be just what you’re looking for. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider before beginning this workout, as someone moves and sequences may aggravate old injuries.



The Moves

Tendu Port de Bras

Stand with your heels touching and your legs turned about 45 degrees. Keep your arms in front of your thighs with your palms facing inward, similar to how you would stand if holding a beach ball in front of your midsection. Extend your left leg out to your side and point your toes to the ground. Slide your foot back to meet your other foot. Seems simple, right? Do this four times quickly. While you’re doing this, raise your arms to the level of your chest, and then overhead. Be sure to keep a hold on that imaginary beach ball the whole time. Do the same with your right leg. This movement works muscles in your thighs, arms and shoulders, core, and butt.

Power Punch Strike

Start this move in a traditional boxer’s stance, with your arms up, your elbows bent, and your fists near your cheeks. Keep your feet a little more the hip-width apart. Throw a right jab by quickly punching your right arm outward and rotating your fist down (but don’t lock your elbow). Quickly throw a cross punch by punching your left arm forward and rotating your left hip into the punch while you life your heel from the floor. Return to the stance your started in, then pick your right knee up and move it across your body. Be sure to keep your arms and hands up where they were when you started. Lower your leg and go back to the boxer’s stance. Do the same on the other side of your body. This movement works muscles in your core, legs, and arms

Rear Raising Attitude

Stand with your legs flat on the floor, and keep your arms in the same “holding a beach ball” position as in the first move. Next,  bend left knee and turn it out to side. Point your left foot behind your right leg at calf level. Now, lift your left leg up behind your hip, keeping your knee bent and out to the side. This is known as “attitude.” Life your left arm overhead while you extend your right arm out to the side with your elbow bent and your palm facing inward. Make sure you keep your chest lifted and don’t slouch or bend. Next, lower your left leg back to the position behind your right calf and lower your arms until you’re holding the beach ball again. Again, do the same on the other side with your other leg. This movement works muscles in your shoulders, core, butt, and arms.

Single-Arm Speedbag Squat

Start in the general boxer’s stance with your arms raised, elbows bent, and fists near your face. Raise your right arm (but keep your elbow bent) and circle your forearm as if you were hitting a speedbag repeatedly. Do this five times as quickly as possible before lower yourself into a deep squat (pretend you’re ducking from a punch, if it helps). Bring your right arm back near your face before standing and repeating. Be sure to do this movement with both arms. It works muscles in your butt, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Inner Thigh Releve Slide

Step your left foot forward around three feet and be sure to keep your knee bent. Extend your arms out to your sides with your palms facing forward. Pull your abs in tightly as you shift your body weight onto your left foot, then straighten your left leg as you pull the right one in to cross behind the left. Lift yourself up onto the balls of your feet and pull your left arm up and over your head. Step back into the starting position and repeat ten times on each side. This movement works muscles in your abs, arms, calves, and thighs.

Roundhouse Rumble: Part I (Punches)

Begin in the boxer’s stance. Throw a quick uppercut by bending your elbow into your body while rotating your right hip and heel. Then punch up and under your imaginary opponent’s chin. Throw a quick left hook by keeping your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle, pivoting your left heel, and power-punching forward as your left hip begins to rotate. Then throw right hook in the same way (but with your right arm). Bring your arms back to the beginning position and shift your weight onto your right leg.

Roundhouse Rumble Part II (Kick)

Lift your right leg and bend it at the knee, keeping your leg in line with your hip. Pull your heel in close to your body. Extend your right leg out with your shin facing forward, then return to the boxer’s stance as quickly as possible. This whole series of movements works your entire body.

Forward Flat Back & Extension

Bend toward the floor and keep your feet wider than hip-width apart. Turn your feet to the outside, and keep your arms open with your palms facing the front. As your bent, keep your back as straight as possible. Next, round your spine, lower your head, and raise your arms over your head into a circle. Straighten your back again and return to an upright position, as you keep your arms overhead. Open your arms straight out to the sides, push your hips forward a bit, then bend backwards. Do this five times slowly. This movement works your back muscles and also stretches your hamstrings.

Side Kick Knee Strike

Start in the boxer’s stance with your weight on your left leg. Bend your right knee, flex your foot, and lift your leg to the height of your hip with your heel pointing out to the side. Extend your right leg to the side, then bend your knee back in again and step down. Shift your weight to your right leg and lift your arms over your head before pulling them down into the guarded position (elbows bent, hands in fists near your face). Repeat the leg motions with your left leg. Switch sides and complete five repetitions. This movement works muscles in your butt, hips, abs, and thighs.


Let’s wrap up, shall we?

Step your left foot forward and bend your left knee. Extend your arms out to the sides, with your palms facing forward. Breathe deeply and raise your right arm over your head with your palm facing inward. As you exhale, round your spine, lower your chest a bit, then slowly move your body to an upright position, lifting your chest toward the ceiling. Repeat this five times, then reverse and repeat five more times.

Cool-Down & Recovery

This week’s workout involved many different movements. For a quick cool-down, take a ten minute walk around the house, or, if the weather is decent, take it outside. There’s nothing more refreshing after a workout than fresh air and nature, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Let your heart return to a normal rate before stopping.

This type of workout always calls for good workout recovery supplements. Some of my staples are listed below:

Have you been combining movement to take your workouts to the next level? Let us know in the comments below! All of us here at Natural Healthy Concepts wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday!