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Workout Wednesday: The Fat-Burn Kickboxing Routine


I love kickboxing, and that’s really no secret. I love it because of the broad spectrum of great things it can do for your body and your health. From improving your flexibility and confidence to building muscle, boosting your cardiovascular health, and generally making you look (and feel) like a badass, kickboxing seems to cover it all in one way or another.

I’ve posted and written about a couple different kickboxing workouts over the last seven months or so, and I’ll be doing so again today. However, this week, the workout focuses on a benefit of kickboxing that most people, believe it or not, tend to forget about—fat burning.

This Week’s Workout

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that kickboxing is a great way to burn calories and fat, but for many people, it is. The quick and constant movements make your body work hard to burn fat, and, along with making you look good while doing it, kickboxing is a pretty great way to get—and stay—in shape.

This week’s workout comes from Pop Workouts, and includes only four movements. It might seem easier than others, and maybe it is, but it’ll still kick your butt.


The Moves

Jab and Squat

Push yourself down into a squat, stand back up, then jab quickly. Be sure to pull in your core as you jab out in front of your body.

Squat and Kick

For this move, while you squat, really try to dig your heels into the floor. When you stand back up, kick out to one side, then switch legs. Be sure to turn yourself sideways as you kick.

Jab Cross Jab

Stand comfortably with your dominant leg a bit behind the other. Jab out in front of your body with your dominant hand, then cross your other arm over in a second jab. Then, jab with your dominant hand once more.

Smack and Jump

Keeping your abs pulled in tight, smack and jump to one side, and then the other. Remember to breathe while doing so.

The video below shows each move in its entirety. Be sure to check it out before you get started:

Cool-Down & Recovery

For a cool-down this week, try alternating briefs walks with five jumping jacks. It’ll keep your blood pumping while helping your heart return to a normal rate.

If you’re looking for some new recovery products, a few of my favorites are listed below: