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Workout Wednesday: One-Room Cardio and Finding Motivation

workout-of-the-week - ideas anyone?

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to find motivation for exercise some times. I love to exercise but still find myself lacking motivation some days. I have been in a workout funk for the last few months. I wake up knowing I should workout, but I have to force myself to get to the gym.


How can you keep yourself motivated to A) get to the gym, and B) work hard at the gym?

  • Set goals. This could include a weight loss goal, a strength goal,  muscle mass goal or even a race goal. Your goal could also be something as simple as working out for 30 minutes, 3x a week.
  • Track your results. This is especially beneficial when you have SMART goals. Being able to actually track and see your progress is motivating!
  • Grab a workout buddy. If you don’t enjoy exercise, find a friend to bring to the gym with you.  Knowing someone is waiting on you holds you accountable and being able to exercise with a friend makes the workout more enjoyable.
  • Boost your energy! If a lack of energy is making you feel unmotivated you can boost your energy naturally with one of our sports supplements. I recommend the Vega Sport Energizer in Lemon Lime. It’s sugar free, ships for free, and is on sale for the month of May! Use VEGA-MAY to save 10% on all Vega products this month.

One-Room Cardio

I’ve mentioned before that you don’t need a ton of equipment to get a good workout. This week’s “One-Room Cardio” workout can all be done in one room! No equipment is needed.


Try and only take water breaks where they’re scheduled. If you don’t feel tired by the end of the workout, repeat it again!

Remember, proper post-workout nutrition is important too. Check out my post here for natural recovery supplements.