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Workout Wednesday: Cardio Kickboxing


Kickboxing has been around for hundreds of years and has been steadily growing in popularity among children, as well as adults. Kickboxing isn’t for the faint of heart, but the faint of heart can learn it. Kickboxing can be brutal and is taxing on the human body, as it requires a high level of cardiovascular health and endurance if you want to do well.

This cardio kickboxing workout is one of my favorites because it turns the difficulty of kickboxing into something challenging and fun as it helps you burn calories and whip you into better physical shape. The best part is that the entire workout only takes around 30 minutes.

If the idea of kickboxing scares you, don’t let it. You don’t need any actual kickboxing experiencing to participate in, or benefit from this workout. After just a few repetitions of each motion, you’ll have the kickboxing basics down. How awesome is that? Most people never think learning foundational moves can be that simple, but as a former kickboxer, I can tell you that it is.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Beginning

  • Remember to stay on the balls of your feet, and always shift your body weight from leg to leg continuously so you’re not straining specific joints or overworking one leg
  • Hyperextension is a very common (and very painful) injury that can occur when there’s too much power behind a full extension; play it safe and never fully extend when kicking or punching–your joints will thank you, and you’ll burn a higher number of calories
  • Push and pull through every single motion, and do it quickly–hard, fast movements can double your calorie burn

Always remember to complete a warm-up routine before getting into any workout; here’s one of my favorites:

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 30 arm circles
  • 30 knee high marches

You might think this workout looks pretty basic. While the moves are “the basics” of kickboxing, the workout itself is anything but. Done correctly, quickly, and with as much force as you can manage, you’ll burn between 270 and 405 calories by the time you’re finished.



Cool Down & Recovery

The cool-down period after your workout is incredibly important. My favorite way to cool down is to pop my earbuds in my ears, turn on my favorite song, and take a short walk. A slow, leisurely walk, not a power walk. Pump your arms or don’t pump your arms. The point of this walk is to slow your heart rate and let your body return to a normal state, even while you’re still moving. A 10-minute walk can do wonders. Try it.

Your intake of protein and carbs after an intense workout is also incredibly important. From shake mixes and powders to snack bars, you’ll always find a way to help your body recharge and recover the healthy way. Some of my go-to products are below:

As with any intense workout regimen, always consult your healthcare provider before beginning.

Have a healthy workout! If you’ve tried this workout, let us know your results. Leave a comment below!