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Workout Wednesday-The Burpee Challenge

workout-of-the-week - ideas anyone?

I love burpees. I think I might be one of the few people who feels this way but whether you like them or not, burpees are a great workout. For those of you who are not familiar with what, exactly, a burpee is check out the picture below from Buzz Feed.


Burpees are often an element of CrossFit workouts and are great calorie burners so this week’s workout consists of nothing but burpees–but there’s a catch. This week,  you’ll complete burpees on the minute, every minute, until you can’t keep up with the clock. You’ll need a stop watch for this workout. Here’s how it works:

Minute 1: One burpee

Minute 2: Two burpees

Minute 3: Three burpees

Minute 4: Four burpees

Keep going with this pattern until you can’t keep up with your stop watch anymore. If you’re on minute 20 and can only complete 19 burpees you should stop the workout. It may be harder than you think!

How long can you keep up with your watch? Let us know how you did!