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Workout Wednesday-“Ab Attack”

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Who doesn’t want great abs? Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, strong abdominal muscles help stabilize your torso. It’s estimated that 31 million Americans currently suffer from lower back pain. Your abdominal muscles play an important part in supporting your spine and stabilizing your back. Abdominal muscles are also important for proper posture. Stronger abdominal muscles mean a healthier posture. Have strong abdominal and core muscles can also help improve your overall balance and stability-whether you’re an athlete or just in your daily activities. Here’s the workout! Go through it once, see how you feel, and consider adding a 2nd or even 3rd round if you’re up for it! Lower Ab Here’s a guide to the exercises. Click on any of the links for a video demonstration.

How long did you hold your plank for? 

Thoughts on the workout?

What’s your favorite abdominal exercise (even if it’s not in this workout)? 

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