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Pet Care Tips for the Winter Months

pet care tips
Try these 5 essential winter pet care tips!

Although it may look lovely from your bedroom window, the snow and accumulation that accompany the cold winter months isn’t easy to deal with. Bundling up and getting outside when the weather is nasty often seems like a chore. However, physical activity and fresh air is crucial for both you and your pet, providing exercise, bonding time, and mood-brightening vitamin D. With a little savvy and some expert advice, you and your pet can make this winter your best one yet! Keep reading for 5 pet care tips to help you keep your pet healthy this winter.

5 Winter Pet Care Tips

01. Wash Wisely

Although a warm bath seems like a good idea when the weather turns cold, it may actually dry out your pet’s skin. Baths strip away natural oils in your pet’s skin, removing natural moisturizers. It’s okay to bathe as needed, but as often as you can, wipe salty or dirty paws and skin with a damp towel to avoid a full bath. When bath time becomes inevitable, use a quality dog-wash that won’t strip your pet’s coat. Naturally Pure Dog Wash from Pet Wellbeing uses a combination of natural compounds and humectants to ensure your pet’s skin is both clean and nourished.

02. Avoid Dry Skin

Pets, just like us, can be prone to dry skin throughout the winter months. If you use a humidifier to keep your home’s air balanced in the winter months, you’re already halfway there. Adding cool humidity can stop dry skin before it starts.

03. Let Their Natural Coats Shine

Don’t shave your pet down in the winter. Trim your pet’s fur if you must, but allow their natural coats to do what they were designed for. Brush your pet regularly through the colder months, loosening any dead skin and stimulating oil glands which stimulate a shiny coat and healthy skin. Remember, if it’s too cold for you to be outside, even bundled up, it’s too cold for your pet. Stay inside and play fetch in the living room on bitterly frigid days instead.

04. Check Those Feet

The salt and ice outside can be hard on your pet’s feet. Be sure to clean their feet with a towel and rinse off salty areas when you return home. Additionally, you’ll want to check between their toes after every walk, removing visible ice and dirt before it can do damage. Not only will this keep your floors cleaner, it will allow your pet’s feet to recover and stay healthy no matter the road conditions. If you notice cuts or dry patches on your pet’s paws, try 4 Paws Recovery Cream from Pet Wellbeing. This rich, cream is designed to penetrate easily into dry, irritated paw pads, repairing skin damage and protecting them from further injuries.

05. Feed Generously

If your pet is active in the winter months, they are expending extra energy to stay warm. Be sure to compensate their bodies with extra calories at mealtime. If you’re feeding a healthy, balanced diet year round, your pet should already be nutritionally prepared to weather the winter months with ease. If you feel that your pet’s diet could use more support, try Spark Daily Nutritional Supplement from Pet Wellbeing. This whole-food supplement can help ensure that your pet is getting the nutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants they need to stay well throughout the year.

How do you best care for your pet in the winter months? Which products and tips do you rely on? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.