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Win the Fight Against Impotency Without Those Little Blue Pills

Impotency Natural Help

Impotence isn’t an easy subject to talk about. It’s private. It’s frustrating and can be more than a little embarrassing.

People may say that sexual performance shouldn’t define anyone as a man. But try telling that to the guy who is having trouble in the bedroom. Impotence can affect your relationship, your self image, and it may even be a sign of more serious health issues.

The fact is that, according to the American Urological Association, around 30 million men in the United States are dealing with some form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

There is no shortage of prescription drug options for this problem. But is that the best solution?

First Things First…

Before you start popping pills or even vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies – you should realize that you may not need to take anything. What many men may actually need are some major lifestyle changes.

Men may discover that by simply improving their diet and getting more exercise, their situation in the bedroom improves dramatically. Imagine that! Living a healthier lifestyle is the real “miracle cure.”

If your problems could be solved by losing some weight, wouldn’t you try that before taking drugs? Tobacco use and alcohol over-consumption can also contribute to ED. Quitting those habits should be on the top of your list – for your overall health – not only sexual performance.

There are a lot of different causes of erectile dysfunction. Achieving arousal involves many functions in your body including the heart and blood vessels, hormones, brain and muscles. However, at the core of most problems connected to impotency is a common health issue – poor circulation or blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction can also be an unfortunate side effect of a variety of prescription medications. That includes cholesterol-lowering statins, blood pressure meds, antihistamines and antidepressants. Check out the long list of medications the National Institute of Health says can lead to ED.

How convenient for the pharmaceutical companies! Take our drugs so that then you’ll need to take more drugs to correct the problems caused by our drugs. If that’s not fish – I don’t know what is.

Psychological issues can also lead to impotence. It’s estimated that about 15% of ED cases are more mental than physical.

Stress and anxiety, depression and relationship problems can all make it difficult to perform when the time comes. Research shows placebo has been just as effective with psychological-ED as medication. Of course, the issue causing poor mental health is what really needs to be addressed.

Better Food = Better Sex

Adding the right kinds of food to your diet is one of the most-natural ways to address problems with impotency.

You’ve probably heard of certain foods that are known to be aphrodisiacs. They include everything from garlic and oysters to dark chocolate and avocados.

Pomegranate juice is yet another food that is now believed to have an effect on sex drive. New research shows it can enhance testosterone production and may have a “Viagara-like effect.”

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Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website lists 7 Foods for Better Sex. He points out the humor in the fact that many of the foods considered aphrodisiacs also have what you might call a “sexual shape.” Some even resemble the body part they may benefit. But above all, Mercola says sexual health is important because it is a reflection of your overall health and happiness.

“Regardless of whether or not you believe a food can put you in-the-mood, your sexuality is connected to your longevity. And a healthy sexual relationship is an important part of any long-term romantic partnership.”

6 Supplements That Can Provide Natural Support

The FDA has not approved any dietary supplements for erectile dysfunction or impotency. However, some supplements may help you maintain an already healthy sex drive as you age. Others could provide support for occasional and temporary problems in the bedroom

It’s also important to keep in mind that everyone is different. Certain food, supplements and medicines will affect people in different ways. If you are having serious problems with impotency, you should speak with a medical professional.

At Natural Healthy Concepts, we want you to take control of your health. That starts with living healthily and then adding potentially helpful supplements.

1. Red/Panax Ginseng

american-ginseng-capsulesThere is actually a lot of scientific research behind the way red ginseng or Panax ginseng can potentially impact male sexual health.

A series of seven studies involving red ginseng took place in 2008 and concluded there is “suggestive evidence” that taking a Panax ginseng supplement by mouth can deliver results.

A 2002 study published in the Journal of Urology also showed encouraging findings. Researchers examined 45 men who took red ginseng over an eight-week period and those men displayed significantly greater improvements than participants taking a placebo.

You should realize that you wouldn’t take red ginseng to give yourself an erection. Instead it addresses the issue with nutrition over a long-term basis.


dhea-25mgDHEA is an important hormone that our bodies make naturally. Our bodies use DHEA to create androstenedione, which in turn is used to create the major male and female hormones (testosterone and estrogen). For that reason, DHEA may be used to support an already healthy sex drive in both men and women.

Some people take DHEA to improve athletic performance. It is actually banned by the NCAA as a performance-enhancing substance.

As for impotence, studies show DHEA levels are more likely to be low in men suffering from ED. Levels of the hormone are also known to decrease as we age. That’s one reason why supplementing could help keep you healthy.

You can read more about the what DHEA is used for in this Natural Healthy Concepts article.

3. Maca

longevity-maca-powderMaca root is a superfood grown in the Andes Mountains of Peru that has long been treasured as an aphrodisiac.

While more research is needed to determine exactly why maca has an effect on the male sex drive – it seems very apparent that it does something.

Health and nutrition expert Terry Lemerond spoke about the potential benefits of this plant on his syndicated radio program. Lemerond describes maca as a “vitality secret” that can also impact energy and stamina.

You can read more about this herbal ingredient and how some health experts believe it might work in our article on Maca.

4. L-Arginine

l-arginineSince poor circulation can often be the root cause of erectile dysfunction, supplements that maintain healthy blood flow may be able to help. One such supplement that seems to do just that is L-Arginine.

L-arginine is an amino acid that we can get from meat, fish and dairy in our diets. It boosts the body’s production of nitric oxide, which can dilate the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the genitals, potentially improving the quality of sexual arousal.

Studies on Arginine supplementation indicate that men with a lack of nitric oxide could benefit from L-arginine supplementation.

5. Horny Goat Weed

horny-goat-weedIt’s the perfect name for a supplement intended to help with problems in the bedroom, right?

According to legend, the effects of this plant were discovered when a Chinese goat-herder noticed his herd getting frisky after munching on it.

Also known as Epimedium, this plant is thought to be another aphrodisiac. Like other supportive supplements, Horny Goat Weed seems to improve circulation – but it may do even more than that…

A recent study in Italy found the active ingredient, icariin may be worth a closer look.

6. A Combination Supplement

Testo-JackOf course, some men could benefit from taking a blend of natural ingredients that can have an effect on vitality and sexual health.

One such product available at Natural Healthy Concepts is TestoJack from NOW Foods. This supplement contains Panax Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root and a blend of other botanicals intended to promote virility.

Another supplement that is formulated with multiple ingredients for men’s sexual health is Libido Stim-Male from Designs for Health.

Every product you find on the Natural Healthy Concept website is available with Free Shipping in the United States.


If you are having impotency issues, it is strongly advised that you see a healthcare professional as it could be an indication that there’s something else wrong with your body.

But the good news about erectile dysfunction is that it is both preventable and treatable. The best news is, you don’t necessarily have to depend on little blue pills to bring your love life back to life.

First, make the right lifestyle changes. Then look at more natural ways to improve your sexuality. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your partner.

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    Siberian ginseng isn’t the most popular of the ginseng varieties included in male enhancement supplements. Korean red ginseng is seen as a much more powerful option when it comes to libido strengthening and overall wellbeing. Still, the ginseng variety growing in Russia, as well as in certain parts of Asia, appears to be promising in terms of health improvement.

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