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Brighten Your Smile with Natural Whitening Toothpaste

whitening toothpaste

Try these 3 natural ingredients in whitening toothpaste for a healthy-looking smile!

Your smile can make or break a first impression. Similar to how peacocks display their feathers to attract a mate, a healthy smile can impact self-confidence as well as affect our chances of starting successful relationships. Here’s how natural whitening toothpastes can help.

Causes of Teeth Staining

Keeping up with our dental health is imperative – regular brushing and flossing can keep cavities and periodontal disease at bay. But how do you fight against tooth stains?

Aging is the biggest culprit of intrinsic staining, which happens when the inner layer of the tooth changes color. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it, other than practicing good oral care. However, the stains on the outer layer of our teeth are a different story.

The external surface of our teeth is made of porous enamel that can trap particles from food, especially from fruit and sweets, and beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine. This can cause extrinsic staining. And since none of us wants to give up coffee (or wine), this is where natural whitening toothpaste comes in to save the day!

Ingredients to Avoid

Whitening toothpaste is only known to work if used consistently with your dental health care routine. However, many commercial whitening toothpastes often contain ingredients such as detergents and peroxides to help lighten color.

Peroxide is the bleaching ingredient that whitens teeth, and detergent cleans teeth while giving you that minty, fresh feeling. While these ingredients are known to whiten teeth by a shade or two, they can also be potentially harmful to your teeth. Other ingredients often found in whitening toothpaste include citric acid and fluoride. Additional ingredients to avoid include sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin, propylene glycol, sodium hexametaphosphate, and trisodium phosphate.

Mild risks of using a whitening toothpaste with such potentially harmful ingredients are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. More severe risks include potential tooth erosion and susceptibility to demineralization.

But have no fear! There are natural ingredients you can use to whiten your teeth and feel good about doing it, too.

Top 3 Natural Whitening Ingredients

Natural whitening toothpaste with tea tree oil is a popular choice among those who want pearly whites without all the abrasive ingredients. Tea tree oil not only is a potential natural barrier to bacteria, but it also works well with natural dicalcium phosphates. Together, these ingredients create a low-abrasive paste that helps support a whiter smile.

Toothpaste with baking soda or sea salt is also a great choice if you’re looking for a natural product to fit your healthy lifestyle. Baking soda has been an ingredient in toothpaste for years, and it’s relatively common knowledge that the ingredient can promote whiter teeth. Removing potentially harmful chemicals and adding a gentle, natural ingredient like baking soda is a great way to combat stains without risking the overall health of your teeth.

Silica is also a natural whitener that can be found in toothpaste. Hydrated silica is a popular choice in many natural toothpastes because it’s a mild abrasive, and it also helps remove plaque while also whitening teeth. This compound is also known to be odorless and tasteless, which makes it enjoyable to use.

How to Get Started

Don’t be afraid to show those pearly whites! Natural whitening toothpastes not only fight off cavities, but also maintain the color of our pearly whites.

Be aware of many name brand toothpastes that contain harsh ingredients and could cause tooth sensitivity, among other risks. Using a natural whitening toothpaste is a great alternative.

Shop the wide selection of natural whitening toothpastes, beauty and personal care products from Natural Healthy Concepts to see what works best for you! You can also maintain optimal oral health by taking a dietary supplement of vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, CoQ10, and magnesium, which may help support strong, healthy teeth.

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Have you found a teeth whitening product you would recommend to others? Let us know in the comments below!



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