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What’s The Difference Between Fish Oil Liquids And Capsules?


Fish oils contain important omega-3s that may provide support for the healthy functions of the brain, heart, cholesterol levels, joints, healthy-looking skin, exercise recovery, and many systems of the body. But there are so many different options available, from supplements that contain fish oils in the form of capsules or as a liquid, and fish oil blends that contain added vitamins or other nutrients.

So what’s right for you? Keep reading to find out more and learn what may be right for your individual needs.

The Different Delivery Methods

As mentioned, the two primary delivery methods of fish oil are in capsules or as a liquid. Some companies produce fish oil powders but are less common. You can also find fish oil gummies, which are typically formulated for children’s needs and so they may not provide enough omega-3s for adult bodies.

Capsules are good for people that don’t enjoy the taste of fish. They may also help to protect the fish oils from stomach acids until it enters the digestive tract. The drawback to capsules is that they may be a little more expensive and difficult to swallow for some people.

Liquid fish oils come in a bottle and without any exterior casing, so you will need to measure out each dosage in a cap or spoon. This form may be less expensive and more versatile, allowing you to use the fish oils in smoothies or other beverages. However, if you don’t enjoy the taste of fish, this method may not be ideal. Some companies combat the fishy taste with lemon or other herbs, but some people still report that the taste is just too overbearing.

Plain Fish Oil or Blends?

The oils from fish that manufacturers use to formulate their supplements are generally absent other primary nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other potentially beneficial substances.

However, cod liver oil, which is the oil from the liver of the cod fish, naturally contains vitamin D. Some researchers suggest that our modern diets don’t provide enough vitamin D, and if you don’t spend time in the sun (the skin uses ultraviolet light to make vitamin D naturally), you have a higher risk of suffering from a vitamin D deficiency.

You will also find fish oil blends that add in vitamins A, the eight B vitamins, D, E, K, or essential minerals. There isn’t enough research available to determine if fish oil or fish oils with added nutrients is more medicinally optimal or not. If you don’t feel confident in your nutrient intake during the day, then a fish oil supplement with added nutrients may be ideal if you want to avoid taking multiple supplements.

Brands That Sell Fish Oil Supplements

Nordic Naturals has earned its reputation as a leader in fish oil supplements. The brand features an array of supplement options for all ages and health concerns, including liquids, capsules, and even gummies for children.

Premier Research Labs is a professional brand that creates products that meet or exceed some of the strictest standards for purity and potency the world over. The brand’s fish oil product is available in both capsule and liquid form so you can use the form that is right for your needs.

Douglas Laboratories provides a wide range of quality supplements that include the line of Quell fish oils. Quell is a special formulation of fish oil using a carbon dioxide extraction technology for purity, bioavailability, and a concentration in each supplement to provide the omega-3s that you need each day.

Carlson Labs emphasizes sustainability and purification with their fish oil. The brand make additional efforts to verify quality sources of fish and testing of common toxins that are common in many bodies of water.

Fish oil supplements provide essential omega-3s that support the body. With brands like Nordic Naturals, Premier Research Labs, Douglas Laboratories, and Carlson Labs, it’s easier than ever to find the fish oil supplement that is right for you.