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What Toxic Chemicals Is Your Body Absorbing-Infographic

I have 2 sweet little boys (Max who’s nearly 3 and Milo who recently turned 1), so it truly disturbs me to learn about the harmful ingredients in popular everyday products and what they are capable of doing! 

The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Report done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2009, points out that 61% of the 48 bath products they tested were contaminated with toxic ingredients that can lead to cancer and other health problems.

As parents, we just want to give our kids a bath to keep them clean! We have no intention of soaking them in a tub full of harmful chemicals on purpose. Is it crazy to assume the ingredients used in these products are safe?

Well, I guess it is. Because according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),

More than 80,000 chemicals permitted in the United States have never been fully assessed for toxic impacts on human health and the environment. Under the current law, it is almost  impossible for the EPA to take regulatory action against dangerous chemicals, even those that are known to cause cancer or other serious health effects.

It’s a known fact that we (adults) absorb 60% of what we put on our skin. Over time, that’s a lot of toxic yuck-and it accumulates!

There’s a difference between putting things on your skin compared to in your mouth. Because at least the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help break down the chemicals and flush them out. But when you put something on your skin, it goes right to your organs through your bloodstream and doesn’t filter the toxins at all.

I also learned from a recent article that when it comes to your armpits and genitalia, the 60% absorbency goes up to 100%. So think twice about what feminine products, deodorants and personal lubricants you’re using!

Here’s an Infographic I created to help you learn about the toxic chemicals your body might be absorbing. It outlines 12 of the worst ingredients you will find in everyday cosmetics and skin care products.

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When you use natural cosmetics and natural skin care products from Natural Healthy Concepts, you can feel relieved that the ingredients are safe for you and your children. We even have safe and natural pet products!

So the next time you give your baby a bath with our safe and natural baby care products, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

+Ashley Steinbrinck writes regularly about natural health and happiness for Natural Healthy Concepts. Visit the site today to browse a wide selection of herbal nutritional supplements, vitamins and homeopathic medicine.


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