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What are MSM Supplements and why Might You Need One?


Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, has been a popular supplement since the 1950s. MSM is naturally found in numerous foods, including coffee, beer, cruciferous greens, tomatoes, and all sorts of other fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Easily and economically produced as a supplementary medication, MSM has been taken for all kinds of health issues. We’ll take a look at MSM from several different vantage points, to help you decide if this supplement might be right for you.

Why do People Take Methylsulfonylmethane?

MSM has been the subject of a fair amount of study, and several potential health benefits have been determined. In addition to these, people take MSM for dozens of other purposes. Most commonly, the supplement is taken for its potential benefits for inflammation. Patients with various kinds of muscle/joint pain, cramps, autoimmune complaints, and age-related bone disorders have all reported symptom improvement after following various MSM regimens.

Some studies suggest that MSM may decrease pain in osteoarthritis patients. There are many smaller studies that tie MSM to potential benefits for obesity, skin problems, digestive issues, and others. As the scientific consensus is uncertain for most of these use cases, your mileage may vary. Fortunately, MSM is almost always well-tolerated, so it’s generally regarded as safe to try. If you decide to try it yourself, take it steadily as recommended, and make careful notes about the effects you observe every single day. If you determine that positive effects are being had, continue the regimen.

How is MSM Made?

MSM is most often produced by creating a reaction between sulfur and methane. This is the easiest way to produce MSM, and is therefore (perhaps not surprisingly) the most sustainable. Historically, MSM has also been harvested from paper mill waste. This method is still possible, and it’s a good way to use plentiful industrial waste. However, this method is also very energy intensive, and is therefore not sustainable or today widely used.

Where to Buy MSM

MSM can be purchased in many forms, from several high quality supplement providers. Our favorites include Douglas Laboratories, Pure Encapsulations, and Source Naturals. Buy from these sources online and have MSM delivered right to your door.

How Does MSM Work?

It is difficult to say exactly how MSM works in the body, on the deepest level. At the very least, MSM seems to disrupt biological inflammation pathways. Acting as a roadblock for unwanted tissue processes, MSM allows the body to rebuild itself normally.

MSM is easily absorbed by all body tissues, and at least a quarter of it seems to be retained (not lost through urine) in the hours following intake. It’s so far impossible to say with assurance what the body is doing with all of this MSM, but as potential benefits are sometimes observed, there’s hope that MSM is beneficial for health issues other than inflammation.

Is MSM Safe?

MSM is generally regarded as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Let’s unpack what this means. The FDA is usually in the business of signing off on medicines that cure disease. However, it’s much more scientifically difficult to prove that a medicine prevents disease. After all, how can anyone say with certainty that X supplement prevented Y disease, when they never actually experienced symptoms of that disease? For this reason, the FDA doesn’t deal with supplements. However, the FDA does sometimes report that a supplement is not harmful, though it won’t sign off on what benefit it may or may not provide. MSM is in this camp. The FDA says that it almost certainly won’t hurt you to take it.

MSM may have excellent benefits. Do your own research and figure out ways that MSM could help you. Buy from the high quality sources linked above, and have affordable MSM delivered to your door in just a few days.

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