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Wellness Tip of the Week

wellness tip of the week

Try each wellness tip of the week to support optimal health!

You don’t have to wait until the new year to make positive changes and set goals for your health and wellness. Use this post every week for the next month to adopt a new wellness strategy. When you add them all up, you’ll stride into the holidays feeling confident and healthy!

Wellness Tip of the Week 1 – Find the Right Multivitamin for You

If you’ve ever looked into finding the right multivitamin, you probably walked away with more questions than answers. What one should I take? Does price point make a difference? Do I need a gender-specific multi?

There is no one size fits all answer. Gender, dietary needs, age, and health concerns all come into play. Check out all the multivitamin options at Natural Healthy Concepts and scroll through to find a product that matches your unique needs.

One great option is Multivitamin Plus by Dr. Mercola. This supplement contains all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to maintain optimal health.

Wellness Tip of the Week 2 – The Benefits of Probiotics

Your gut functions as your second brain- managing multiple systems in the body. When the good and bad bacteria in your gut are out of balance it can have a negative impact on your overall health.

Probiotic supplements can help balance your gut flora and may be particularly helpful for people with colitis, IBS, constipation, yeast infections, eczema, and more.

Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus from Solgar is a significant source of L. acidophilus, B. lactis, L. paracasei, and L. rhamnosus GG – all beneficial microorganisms that may help promote a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients.

Wellness Tip of the Week 3 – Essential Fatty Acids

There are two main classes of essential fatty acids – omega 3 and omega 6. Linolenic acid is the parent compound of omega-3s, and linoleic acid is the parent compound of omega-6s.

These unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial for cell health, central nervous system function, heart health, joint comfort, immune and inflammatory response, thyroid and adrenal balance, liver function, and more!

You can find these fatty acids in foods as well. Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and dark green veggies are rich in omega 3s, while omega-6 fatty acids can be found in nuts, seeds, dairy, legumes, and whole grains.

If your diet isn’t naturally rich in fatty acids, you may want to consider a fatty acid supplement. OmegaMAXX from Karuna is rich in essential fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9.

Wellness Tip of the Week 4 – Cleanses & Detoxes

In our modern world we are consistently exposed to toxins, more so than any previous generation. Our liver and kidneys were created to naturally filter out toxins and potentially harmful materials but need support as well.

You can support your liver and kidneys’ natural detoxification process with a cleanse or detox. When you think of a cleanse you may think of drinking water and cayenne pepper and not eating for days, but there are many ways to cleanse & detox your body from harmful buildup.

Daily Gentle Cleanse from Irwin Naturals is a great cleanse for beginners. This gentle formula can be used daily and combines a traditional Ayurvedic digestive blend with Western botanicals to soothe, cleanse, and promote healthy digestive flow.

You don’t have to use these in order, begin with the week that best meets your needs. Don’t wait for the perfect time, start where you are. Small changes add up to big gains in your wellness.


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