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Weight Loss Supplements: Know Your Types


In a world of endless food possibilities and increasingly less physical activity in daily life, it’s easy for the pounds to pile on. And that has a lot of people looking for weight loss supplements. But with so many on the market, how do you know what’s what? What’s the best way to support your diet and exercise program? We take you through a few of the basic types.


Thermogenics, or fat burners as they’re sometimes called, are intended to support a more active metabolism, thereby aiding weight loss. The term “thermogenic” refers to heat from increasing metabolism, which can help burn fat, leading to the evolution of the fat-burner label.

The increase in metabolism is usually achieved through the use of stimulants, like caffeine. In natural weight loss supplements, this caffeine is often supplied through natural ingredients like green tea, green coffee bean extract, kola nut and guarana.

In addition to supporting metabolism, these supplements can support overall energy and focus, which could help you get in the right frame of mind for getting in the physical activity needed to lose weight.

As with any supplement, don’t overdo it. Start with a small dosage to see how your body responds. For individuals who are sensitive to caffeine and stimulants, thermogenics may not be the best option. In addition, thermogenics are best for short-term use, as the body will slowly build up a tolerance to their effects.

And remember, no supplement is a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is essential for weight loss.

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Carb Blockers

When it comes to weight loss, no matter how healthy you’re trying to eat, there’s usually one thing that continually trips you up: Carbs.

Carb blockers (sometimes called starch blockers) are designed to make things a little simpler when it comes to dieting by blocking the body’s absorption of carbs. For the body to absorb complex carbohydrates, it first has to break them down with the enzyme amylase. Carb blockers are made with ingredients that act as amylase inhibitors, stopping carb breakdown and absorption.

While a variety of ingredients have been used in carb blockers, few actually fit the bill. One of your best bets is white kidney bean extract.

Remember, anything that affects how your body processes food can have other effects as well, so talk with your doctor about any conditions you may have before taking weight loss supplements. Carb blockers can cause mild gastrointestinal discomfort and may lower blood sugar, which could be problematic if you have diabetes.

Remember that a healthy diet is still key. Taking a carb blocker isn’t a free pass to eat all the junk food your heart desires.

If you’re interested in understanding and controlling the amount of carbs you eat, use this carb calculator.

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Appetite Control

When you’re dieting and cutting back on your caloric intake, hunger can be one of your biggest hurdles. Even if your body really doesn’t need more food, all kinds of things can make it think it does, including stress, hormones and even certain foods. That’s why many people look for weight loss supplements.

Because there are many causes of hunger, there are many different appetite suppressants out there. 5-HTP supplements focus on the brain. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to control hunger and mood, among other things.

Glucomannan and other fibers help you to feel full longer, reducing those “feed me” messages. Protein powders are another good way to keep your hunger satisfied.

The market is saturated with appetite suppressants, so choose carefully. Your best option for curbing cravings is to eat right. Drink plenty of water, get enough fiber and cut back on simple carbs. And watch out for triggers like stress and social gatherings.

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Losing Weight the Healthy Way with Weight Loss Supplements

With the many weight loss supplements and products flooding the market and promising all kinds of amazing transformations, it’s critical to remember that healthy, lasting weight loss starts with a healthy lifestyle. No matter what supplements you buy, if you’re not eating well, cutting calories and getting plenty of physical activity, weight loss simply won’t happen.

The role of weight loss supplements is right in the name: They supplement your healthy lifestyle. They’re never a substitute for healthy habits. And because everyone’s body works slightly differently, there are no guaranteed results. It’s a matter of finding out what works for you.

Be smart about your health. Like any drug, weight loss supplements could come with possible side effects. If you’re on any medications, have allergies or are dealing with underlying health conditions, always play it safe and consult a doctor before taking a new supplement.

Your health is the best investment you’ll ever make, so invest the time it takes to make the right decision for you!

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