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Balance Your Vata Dosha with These Tips

The Vata Dosha type is passionate, energetic and creative. When in balance it may seem that there’s nothing they cannot do. However, the Vata Dosha can easily become unbalanced and when tilted off axis, this creative energy works against the Vata in an unfocused flurry of activity. If you identify as a Vata Dosha type, there are some tools and methods you can use to bring balance when you notice you’re running off course.

Since your dosha is more than just a personality type, caring for your dosha involves a holistic approach. Your approach to balance should involve vata-conscious eating, mindful activity and inner reflection. Read on to learn more about restoring balance and peace when you feel your Vata is too strong.

Tips for How to Balance Vata

Vata Conscious Eating

Ayurvedic medicine, a 3,000 year old practice out of India, has a wealth of understanding on which diet is best suited for each of the three doshas. When out of balance, a return to a Vata centering diet could be in order. This involves eating warm, fatty, rich and well spiced foods over fresh, cold dishes. Think warm stews and lightly steamed veggies rather than crisp salads and fresh crudite. A comprehensive study of IBS patients revealed that v?ta predominant persons may be prone to decreased GI motility and constipation. These individuals may benefit from eating along the Vata Diet guidelines, especially when seeking to bring calm and balance to an out of sync Vata.

Yoga and Deep Breathing

It’s no secret that yoga and meditation may go a long way toward centering a restless spirit, regardless of your dosha type. A recent study found yoga to be strongly correlated with self-reported improvements in mindfulness, perceived stress, anxiety, and psychological well-being. When the spirit is out of balance, mindfulness and reflection may be a powerful tool in aligning the mind and body into harmonious unity.

Stay Warm and Hydrated

Vatas have a natural tendency to be cold, dry, and rough.  When out of balance, take a look at your hydration and your body temperature as you move through your daily routine. Ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and make sure you always have fresh water at hand to eliminate dryness and dehydration. To prevent chill, dress in layers and bring a sweater or jacket to ward off chilliness in overly air conditioned environments.

Seek Soothing Sounds and Experiences

Taking a walk on a quiet wooded trail or spending time on the seashore can soothe and bring inner peace to an unbalanced Vata. When your spirit is out of balance, calming experiences and natural environments may ground you to the earth and help realign your passions, goals and priorities. If your schedule doesn’t include regular retreats and quiet time for reflection, this is thought to play a role in a recurring dosha imbalance.  

Products to Support a Balanced Vata Dosha

In addition to the helpful ideas above, there are several products on the market which may be helpful in balancing a strong or out of sync Vata.

Banyan Healthy Vata Balancing Formula

how to balance vataHealthy Vata from Banyan Botanicals contains herbs that are traditionally used to balance Vata dosha. Daily use removes excess Vata from the system while promoting energy and vitality. 

Yoga & Meditation Balm

how to balance vataAromatherapy Yoga & Meditation Balm from Badger is a USDA Certified Organic balm to help calm, center and balance your dosha. With Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedar and Myrrh this blend of essential oils can assist you with balance and reflection during sessions of yoga and meditation.

Calming Vata Tea

how to balance vataThis tea contains licorice, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom to support your health. Cardamom works to support digestive health and promotes overall gastrointestinal system health. Similarly, ginger works to soothe the stomach and promotes digestive system health. A balanced digestive system is an essential part of bringing an unbalanced Vata back to center.

Is your Vata or Dosha type out of balance? Which of these ideas will you try first to restore balance to your body and spirit? Let us know about your Vata balancing experiences in the comments section below.