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Use These Lotions to Keep Hands Healthy When Washing Frequently


It’s important to wash your hands. All of us understand that now more than ever before.

But there’s one downside that comes with diligently keeping your hands squeaky clean – the skin on your hands will become dry and irritated.

Thankfully, there are some ways to protect, prevent, and treat skin itchiness and irritation while still ensuring that you’re keeping your hands clean.

Tips to Keep Hands Healthy When Washing Frequently

  1. Use warm water instead of very hot water. Hot water will dry your hands out more quickly. According to Dr. Daniela Kroshinsky, Director of Pediatric Dermatology and Inpatient Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, lukewarm water will clean your hands just as well as hot water. Just be sure to use plenty of soap and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Use a creamy, moisturizing soap. Avoid bar soaps whenever possible – bar soaps tend to be more drying as they often abrasive and strip away skin and oils.
  3. Be gentle. Aggressive, rushed washing can irritate your skin.
  4. If things get really bad, temporarily substitute hand sanitizer for soap. While soap and water are best, if your hands have become too chapped or irritated to wash, you can give them a reprieve by washing with hand sanitizer until the skin heals. But you should still use soap before eating, after using the restroom, or when your hands are visibly dirty. According to the CDC, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are an acceptable alternative when soap or water isn’t available; to be effective, the hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol. Many hand sanitizers contain aloe or vitamin E, which may help to soothe the skin while keeping the skin clean.
  5. Dry your hands thoroughly and gently. Blotting is better than wiping or aggressively scrubbing. Make sure you get your hands completely dry.
  6. Moisturize with lotion frequently. One of the best things you can do to keep your hands healthy is to apply a light layer of hand moisturizer, ointment, or lotion immediately after washing and drying. The right lotion will help soothe, heal, and protect your dry, irritated skin.
  7. Wear disposable gloves after applying lotion or ointment. Wearing gloves means you won’t have to wash your hands as often. Just make sure to wash the gloves before you take them off, so you don’t spread germs to your clean hands.

If you’re looking for the ideal lotion to keep your hands feeling soft, healthy, and moisturized, you can’t go wrong with the following products from Jason, Earthly Body, and Rebel Green. Use these products to keep your hands healthy when washing frequently.


We love the Soothing Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion from JASON. The Soothing Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion is a botanically rich, non-greasy daily lotion that delivers deep, long-lasting hydration. So whether your skin is dry, irritated, or sensitive from frequent washing, shaving, sun exposure, or other factors, this aloe-vera rich lotion can take your skin from dry and stressed to nourished, calm, and comfortable.

The JASON team selects many pure and gentle ingredients to make their personal care solutions. Apricot oil, aloe vera, peppermint oil, and bamboo powder are among some of the many wholesome ingredients used in their shampoo, whitening toothpaste, and hand and body lotion.

Earthly Body

Another hand and body lotion we love is the Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion from Earthly Body. Hemp-based and made with natural oils, Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion is a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula that leaves skin smooth, radiant, and healthy-looking.

Earthly Body delivers unique, natural hemp-based skin care, and hair care products that are perfect for daily use. 

Rebel Green

And finally, to leave your over-washed, dry hands feeling truly luxurious, we recommend Peppermint & Lemon Luxe Hand Cream from Rebel Green. This formula is infused with all of the good stuff your hands need (and nothing they don’t). Shea butter, vitamins A, E, and D and peppermint and lemon essential oils are found in this product and help to keep hands soft and beautiful.

Rebel Green offers a full line of natural cleaning products made from the highest quality natural ingredients that are designed to create cleaner, healthier living spaces at a better value.

What lotions do you use to keep your hands healthy when washing frequently?