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How to Use Manuka Honey Beyond the Kitchen


Manuka honey has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Honey has documented antimicrobial properties, which may be useful for skin health, oral health, wound healing, burns, and much more!

What is Manuka Honey

Manuka honey comes from bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, which grows primarily in New Zealand and Australia. The thing that separates Manuka honey from wildflower and clover honey is its bioactive properties. Manuka honey is unique because it naturally contains dietary methylglyoxal, a compound that may support cellular regeneration.

Like other honey, manuka honey can be used in the kitchen to flavor food and drinks. Keep in mind that its texture is less smooth, and it has a sharper taste that accompanies its sweetness.

But manuka honey is more often touted for its potential uses beyond the kitchen. Here are just a few ways to use manuka honey beyond the kitchen.

How to Use Manuka Honey Beyond the Kitchen

Manuka Honey and Wound Treatment

Experimental and clinical research has found that manuka honey helps control bacterial growth, supports the immune system, and supports the regeneration of cells. These benefits may be helpful for minor burns and wounds.

Manuka Honey and Gastrointestinal Health

Manuka honey’s antibiotic and antibacterial properties mean that it may support gastrointestinal health, particularly for anyone dealing with digestive disorders such as acid reflux, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and low stomach acid.

Other studies have found that manuka honey may protect against damage and symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), including inflammation, pain, and free radical damage.

Manuka Honey and Dental Health

A clinical trial found that chewing or sucking on manuka honey leather three times a day after each meal resulted in a significant reduction in plaque and gingival bleeding, compared to chewing sugarless gum after each meal. The study concluded that manuka honey’s high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity might support gum health and potentially treat gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

Manuka Honey and Seasonal Allergies

Manuka honey may help to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Research has found that seasonal allergy sufferers who used preseasonal honey instead of their usual allergy medication reported twice as many non-symptom days, 60% overall lower allergy symptoms, and 70% fewer days with severe symptoms than those who took allergy medicine did.

There are endless potential applications of manuka honey beyond the kitchen. If you aren’t sure where to get high-quality Manuka honey, start with Raw Manuka Honey from YS Organic Bee Farms and Medical Grade Manuka Honey from Manukaguard.

Raw Manuka Honey – YS Organic Bee Farms

Raw Manuka Honey Active 15+ from YS Organic Bee Farms is a highly active raw Manuka honey, which is ideal for adding flavor to food or drinks, and for general purposes.

Medical Grade Manuka Honey – Manukaguard

Medical Grade Manuka Honey from Manukaguard contains certified medical grade wild-harvested genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand. It can be taken as a nutritional supplement for gastrointestinal and tissue support. Medical Grade Manuka Honey contains oligosaccharides, which support probiotic and prebiotic functions.

How do you use Manuka honey beyond the kitchen?

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