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Try These Workout Essentials for a Great Gym Experience


With a combination of touch, supplements, and the right gear, you can make your gym experience great.

So what should you bring to the gym and have at the ready for when you get home? Keep reading to find out.

Blender Bottle and Protein Powder from Jarrow Formulas

Besides getting enough sleep, eating right, and stretching, protein is one of the best ways to maintain energy and support healthy recovery after physical activity. While any shaker bottle and protein will do, you should think about how using certain brands and products can make things even better.

This is where the Blender Bottle and Jarrow Formulas come into play.

The Blender Bottle isn’t your usual plastic container for water or sports drinks. This bottle uses a patented design that includes the BlenderBall wire whisk, a round wire sphere that helps to prevent clumpiness and makes mixing easier. Simply add water or your choice of liquid, then a few scoops of your protein powder of choice and shake.

As mentioned, not just any protein will do. You want to choose a protein powder made with clean ingredients from trusted sources that test for lead, mercury, and other contaminants sometimes found in competing products.

Jarrow Formulas offers two great sources of protein: whey and pea. Jarrow Formulas focuses on quality, and their protein products only contain what is on the label and nothing you don’t want. Check out the brand’s Organic Pea Protein and Grass Fed Whey Protein and see if provides the protein your body needs to maintain energy levels and support muscle recovery and growth.

To top it off, consider a scoop of Jarrow Formulas’ Collagen Optimizer Berry, a collagen formula that seeks to support healthy-looking skin, nails, hair, and may aid in the development of tendons, connective tissue, muscles, and more.

Massage and Joint Recovery from Banyan Botanicals

After coming back from the gym, feelings of soreness, tightness, or mild discomfort are common. If you are looking for a way to support recovery and temporary relief from aches and pains, consider a combination of massage oil, joint balm, and sleep support supplements from Banyan Botanicals.

  • Joint Balm is an Ayurvedic formula that you apply to the area around the joints and may be ideal for people that experience overuse of certain areas of the body, normal issues associated with aging, and general pain associated with being active.
  • Organic Kapha Massage Oil contains an invigorating blend of nine herbs, including punarnava, chitrak, calamus, and rosemary in a base of organic sesame and sunflower oils.
  • I Sleep Soundly contains Ayurvedic herbs that seek to support a healthy sleep cycle, feelings of calmness, and a clear mind. Sleep is an important period where the body rebuilds and maintains the complex systems of the body, so getting enough is essential.

Together, these formulas may help to provide the support your body needs after your workout so you are ready for another trip to the gym.

Immune System Support from Banyan Botanicals

Finally, there is the all too important immune system. In addition to bringing your own towels, wearing shoes in the locker room, and wiping down surfaces before and after touching them, an immune system support supplement may make a great final addition to your gym experience.

Chyavanprash from Banyan Botanicals is an herbal tonic and jam that is made with Ayurvedic herbs. Eat it with a teaspoon or spread it on a post-workout snack. This formula seeks to help balance the mind and body, and support a healthy immune system, metabolism, lungs, and an overall sense of well-being.

The gym takes a lot out of our bodies, and when you put as much or more of a focus on healthy recovery that you do your normal routine, you will be one step closer to your goal. With a combination of the above supplements, balms, oils, and equipment, you can be prepared to give your body what it needs while helping to feel confident that your body won’t let you down.