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Is Toxic Nail Polish Disrupting Your Health?


We hate to bring you more disturbing news, but a new study suggests a very common item in many homes could be compromising the health of you and your family.

You may have heard that there are potentially toxic ingredients in many common nail polishes. Now there’s solid scientific research to back up that belief.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) and researchers from Duke University teamed up to investigate major nail polish brands and how much of a chemical known as triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP, was absorbed into the body.

The results are a bit scary…

But the good news is, you don’t have to use toxic nail polish. You have a choice. You can keep your nails looking great without the chemicals.

The study examined women who used different kinds of nail polish containing TPHP. Results showed all of the women saw a “sharp increase” in the level of the chemical found in their urine.

According to the EWG…

“These results are troubling because a growing body of scientific data from other studies indicates that TPHP causes endocrine disruption, meaning that it interferes with normal hormone functioning. In animal studies, it has caused reproductive and developmental irregularities.”

It’s a scary thought for pregnant moms who may be using toxic nail polish.

But that’s not all. The EWG goes on to state that ongoing research indicates TPHP might even make you fatter!

“The most recent studies are striking—they suggest that TPHP interacts with a protein central to regulating the body’s metabolism and production of fat cells. Scientists are conducting more investigations to discover whether, in fact, TPHP contributes to weight gain and obesity.”

It sounds a bit crazy that exposure to a chemical in nail polish could contribute to someone being overweight. However, toxic nail polish isn’t the only way we are exposed to this chemical.

TPHP is also a common chemical used in fire retardants for furniture. There has been plenty of controversy about the possible health hazards of flame retardants, too. You can read more about it here on our blog.

So, how prevalent is the use of TPHP in nail polish?

The EWG examined around 3,000 different nail polishes and found the chemical in close to half of them. But yet another unnerving fact is that not all manufacturers list TPHP as an ingredient.

So how do you know if your nail polish is safe?

Zoya Reyzis - Natural Health Hero

Thankfully, there are naturally-minded people out there making cosmetics that avoid harsh chemicals, which could negatively impact your health as well as the health of an unborn child.

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If you’re smart, you’ll take a look at what nail polishes you have at home and throw out brands that may contain TPHP.

You can find out more about which brands those are when you visit EWG.org. You might be surprised. There are several very recognizable names, from Maybelline to Revlon.

You can also get in-depth details on the Duke/EWG study to learn more about TPHP and it’s possible effects.

Plus – sign an online petition asking toxic nail polish manufacturers to remove TPHP from their products!