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Tips on Gut Health for Kids

tips on gut health for kids
Learn tips on gut health for kids.

The human microbiome is a unique and amazing part of the human body that is constantly changing and evolving throughout the human lifespan. Research shows that the gut is responsible for immune function, allergies, metabolism, mood regulation and more. With a list like that, it’s worth paying attention to ways you can support gut health for kids as they grow and develop healthy habits.

Just like their adult caregivers, a child’s lifestyle and food choices have an impact on the development and function of their microbiome. If you’re looking to learn more about how you can support gut health for kids, the Natural Healthy Concept team has you covered.

4 Strategies to Support Gut Health for Kids

If learning about gut health is new to you, here are 4 easy-to-follow steps to support your child’s gut health.

Use Antibiotics Wisely

Antibiotics have been a life-saver and a true gift to have come out of the previous century. However, if you look for an antibiotic for every sniffle and earache, you may actually be harming your child’s health long-term. While these drugs may slightly improve illness by killing the disease, they are also slaughtering the good bacteria in the gut.

Feed with Fiber

The bacteria in your child’s microbiome thrive in dietary fiber, and if they are not getting enough of it their health will suffer in a host of ways. By simply increasing your child’s dietary fiber for two weeks, you can drastically improve the function of their microbiome.

Repeat This Mantra: Dirt is Good

If we over-sanitize everything our children touch and pass out hand sanitizer like candy, we may actually be inhibiting our children’s ability to develop good bacteria in their gut. As much as it may make you cringe at times, playing in the dirt and letting the dog lick their face may actually be building your child’s immunity.

Educate Yourself in Cultured Food

Cultured food doesn’t refer to something so gourmet your kid would never touch it, but rather foods that contain live and active cultures and have been fermented. Foods like quality yogurt and kefir contain live and active cultures that feed your child’s good bacteria. Be sure to read labels carefully as not all yogurt-based drinks are created equal, some contain sugar and no real benefits.

Supplements to Support the Pediatric Microbiome 

Supplements for kids can be tricky as each age and stage brings with it different needs. Here are three gut support supplements we recommend for families.

HMF Baby B Probiotic by Genestra

HMF Baby B Probiotic from Genestra is a probiotic supplement that supports immune and digestive health in children. If your baby needs extra support, this probiotic, which dissolves easily in water, may make a difference.

Multi Probiotic Kids by Douglas Laboratories

If you’re looking for an Allergen-free probiotic to support your child’s microbiome, Multi Probiotic Kids from Douglas Laboratories is a great choice. Each serving provides 8 billion colony-forming units from 7 different child-friendly probiotic strains which may boost your child’s immune response.

Designs For Health ProbioMed Kids

ProbioMed Kids from Designs For Health is a synergistic probiotic formula designed to promote gastrointestinal microbial diversity in children. Includes 11 diverse, well-researched strains in a tasty, mixed-berry tablet.

How do you support gut health in your family? Which of these tips will be easiest for you to implement with your children? We’d love to read your thoughts on this important topic in the comments section below.