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Tips for Developing Healthy Morning Habits and Routines

Learn how to create healthy morning routines so that you can take advantage of your energy levels to accomplish more during the day.

There’s a reason why a lot of people get up before the sun rises. The morning is a quiet time when your mind is fresh, energy is high, and you can accomplish more with fewer distractions. 

For others, the early morning is a great time to relax before a busy day, to sit with a cup of coffee while reading the news, or to see the kids off to school. 

Most of us aren’t natural early birds, but there are benefits to making the transition from night owl to an early riser. Perhaps you would prefer to avoid mornings, but if you must adapt to a changing schedule, here are some tips to make this transition easier. 

Start by developing a regular bedtime. Let’s say you want to wake up at 6 a.m., each day. Most people will have to go to sleep by 10 p.m., at the latest, to get a full 8 hours of sleep. If you’re accustomed to going to bed later, this will take some work, but you can get through the worst of it in a couple of days, provided you commit to this new schedule. 

To start, lay down at 10 p.m., in the dark, and with no electronic screens or other distractions. If you need white noise or another soothing object, use it. Some people will lay there for 2 hours or more before they fall asleep. If this happens, don’t give up! Keep the TV off, don’t check your phone, don’t eat or drink.

Once you do fall asleep, you might not get the rest you need. Despite this, when the alarm rings, you must get out of bed immediately and stay up until your 10 p.m bedtime. No naps or anything like that. One caveat here is if you are in an industry where fatigue could be a liability. In this case, either call off work or find time for a nap. If you still feel groggy, make sure someone knows and can provide additional oversight of your work.

Repeat this for several days or weeks. Soon, your body’s internal clock will adjust, and it will be much easier. 

Voila! You’ve got a new bedtime. 

Once awake, you may find that you still need energy to get the most out of the early part of your day. If this sounds like you, there are a number of options that may be worth trying. You could go the caffeine route, with coffee or tea. Or you might wish to delve into traditional herbs that provide a gentler stimulant effect, while still being supportive. 

Liquid herbal blends from Quicksilver Scientific can be delivered with two pumps, twice daily. Ultra Energy is an ideal formula with adaptogenic ingredients chosen by herbalist Dan Moriarty of Sun Horse Energy to help provide optimal energy support.

Vega has several options in powders, shakes, and capsule form. Vega Sport Premium Protein is one of the brand’s powdered formulas that seek to provide a healthy source of energy from protein. You can also use this formula to replace a daily meal or as a snack. Maca 750 Mg is a capsule that contains extracts of the maca root and seeks to provide feelings of stamina and vitality.

YouTheory has many energizing options too. Whatever you do, choose a product and dosage with care, then stick with it for the best results. Joint Collagen Advanced Formula is ideal for people who are active, or are looking to become more mobile. This formula contains collagen that may support healthy joints, comfort, and more.

Now that you’re awake at a new time and with the right amount of energy, it’s time to develop personal disciplines that will maximize your productivity throughout the early part of the day. A good rule of thumb is to schedule tasks that you find tiresome early in the day. This is when you have the most energy, and if you can knock out these boring or tedious jobs first, your day will only get easier as it goes along.

Next, try to find some time for physical activity during the early part of your day. Maybe it’s taking the dog for a walk, or doing some jumping jacks beside your bed. Whatever you choose (from strenuous yoga to 5 minutes of chill treadmill time), early physical activity will jump-start your body and make your mornings a success. 

Similarly, make sure to eat something healthy first thing in the morning. Even if you aren’t a breakfast person, having a bowl of cereal or a piece of fruit can aid your metabolism, circulation, and general cognition, all while giving you fuel to get you through to lunchtime. 

Once you’ve mastered mornings, the rest of the day is yours. If you’re able to get most of your required tasks done in the first half of the day, it doesn’t matter how you spend the rest of your time.

You were the early bird this morning, and you got your worm.