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The GMO Autism/Allergy Connection

It seems every day I read more about the dangers of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms); and every day, big corporations flex their financial muscle to influence and manipulate government leaders home and abroad to deceive the public on their safety.

Even though the majority of Americans are demanding the labeling of GM foods, corporatocracy rules. It’s David vs. Goliath.

I fear Goliath is winning…but I won’t give up.

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent by the likes of Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer, to fool the ill-informed voters that GM foods are safe and labeling them would make their food cost more. Isn’t it odd how they all managed to put gluten-free on their products without a whimper, but labeling GMOs will be a problem?

The word is getting out however, on the dangers of GMOs. Even the Dow Jones & Company MarketWatch is paying attention, as they featured an article on the upcoming health and food eConference – “GMOs, Organics and Food Allergies: How To Feed Your Family Without Losing Your Mind”.  It looks like a phenomenal conference!

And well they should – the stocks of the southwestern food chain Chipotle “hit an all time high” after they announced they were going GMO free! Read more here in AltHealthWORKS.com.

Dangers of GMOs

How much more convincing do we need to realize that GM frankenfood is harmful not only to our bodies but also to our entire agricultural system, and our economy.  You’ll want to read all the research in this extensive article on the dangers of GMOs, by Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, published in the Weston Price, Wise Traditions magazine.

Here’s what we know already:

  1. GM monoculture farming practices are destroying our soils, and are financially ruining farmers in the US and other countries like India, where untold numbers of farmers have committed suicide.
  2. GM crops have caused a massive increase in the use of pesticides and herbicides. Did you know farmers have to use twice the amount of herbicide on GM soy?
  3. GM crops have not proven effective in eradicating world hunger.
  4. Studies have shown GM foods lead to infertility. (Have you noticed how many couples are having trouble conceiving?)
  5. Animal studies reveal a long list of disorders, including, but not limited to immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, infertility and changes in liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system.
Bt Toxic Soy - GMO free USA
Photo credit: GMO Free USA

Well, I’m sure you get the point.

Allergies and Autism – two more reasons to avoid GMOs

Now, tragically, we have two more alarming reasons to ban all GM foods – the ever rising rate of allergies and autism!

There’s a lot of science behind all this, more than I can share here, so read the Weston Price article. Here’s a summary:

Damaged Cell Walls, Genetic Mutations and Herbicides ..Oh, My!

  • The process of genetic engineering creates unpredicted alterations. Genes inserted into the plant can really mess up the normal functioning of the plant’s DNA.”
  • Transformed cells are cloned into GM plants, which leads to hundreds or thousands of additional mutations throughout the plants genome. Does this sound good to you?
  • Not only can a GM plant’s DNA be 2-4% different than that of its natural parent, the protein expression of the natural genes can be altered by up to 5%. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much to you but when you start messing with nature – you pay a big price!
  • The changes created by these gene alterations can lead to increased allergens, toxins, carcinogens and anti-nutrients.
  • The Monsanto Bt corn known as Mon 810 makes an allergenic protein that is not, I repeat, NOT produced in natural corn. So what does it do to YOUR body?
  • Bt-toxin kills insects by creating small holes (pores) in the cell walls of their digestive tracts, which in turn allow bacteria and other substances to pass through. If you know anything about leaky gut in humans, you understand that this permeability allows for foreign particles to enter the bloodstream causing multiple allergic reactions, rashes and of course, inflammation.
  • In a two-year study in France, rats fed Roundup Ready corn and Roundup on non-GMO corn all grew massive tumors, had shorter life spans and experienced organ damage to one degree or another. Hmm, so what are you having for dinner tonight?
  • Glyphosate is also a strong antibiotic and it impairs the beneficial gut bacteria, causing an overgrowth of bad bacteria. This compromises your immune system (80% of which is housed in your gut!) and makes you more vulnerable to antibiotic resistant bugs. Sound good to you?

I do not like GMOs - I do not like you Monsanto

The GMO Autism Connection

By now, you understand how GMOs contribute to allergies, but what does this have to do with autism?

A healthy intestinal tract leads to better health and emotional well being. Unfortunately, too many children are born with poor gut flora and don’t have a fighting chance to get better if they’re parents don’t know how to help. There are many causes of poor gut flora – here a few:

  • Too many unnecessary C-sections
  • Poor gut flora from the mother passed to the baby in the birth canal
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Birth control pills
  • Environmental toxins
  • Lack of breastfeeding (formula is loaded with sugar and GMOs)
  • Too many antibiotics given to both the mother and the baby

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, is an expert on healing the gut through the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) protocol. Be sure to read the transcript of her interview with Dr. Mercola. Her own son was born with autism and through her work, she was able to heal him of his autism. According to Dr. McBride, autism is a digestive disorder. She explains it this way:

“ Because these patients are not able to digest and absorb food properly they have got multiple nutritional deficiencies. Their brains are starving. Their immune systems are starving. The rest of their body is starving.” When the body doesn’t get what it needs, you have problems!

So not only do we have a host of other factors causing poor gut health, but now we add GM foods to the table and we have an epidemic of autistic and chronically ill children. Children are barraged with enough things in their lives that compromise their health. They don’t need GMOs in their diets or their vaccines. Yes, we now have the first FDA approved GMO vaccine – Flublok®. (Source)

This GMO vaccine contains three different flu strains and it’s made by extracting the cells from the fall armyworm and then genetically altering them to produce flu virus proteins that get into your body faster. I find it ironic that this creature is an agricultural pest that attacks corn…but it’s safe to inject in you and me!

The armyworm was designed to take the place of eggs in culturing influenza vaccines because it takes longer to culture in eggs and, hey, people are allergic to eggs! Ironic don’t you think? So now we’ll make more people allergic and the drug companies will make money faster!

The amount of scientific articles supporting everything I’ve shared here is staggering. Don’t take my word for it – do your own research. When you find information, be sure to check who funded the research.

Wondering how you can avoid GMOs?

Here are some tips to protect yourself and your family from GMOs:

  1. Get the Non-GMO shopping guide – they even have an app you can put on your phone.
  2. Look for foods that say Non-GMO certified. Many products that say they are GMO-free, aren’t!
  3. Make more of your own food – that way you know what’s in the food you eat.
  4. Support organizations like the Institute for Responsible Technology.
  5. Educate yourself!
  6. Elect politicians at the state and local level who will protect your health and your right to know what’s in your food.
  7. Don’t just complain about GMOs on social media – do something to fix it!
  8. Protect your gut – take a good probiotic or ferment your own food.

Make sure your supplements are GMO free, too. Natural Healthy Concepts carries great companies  committed to making non-GMO Certified supplements and products. Here are just a few:

Maybe we can beat Goliath after all!


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