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Some people may think it’s ridiculous, but plenty of devoted pet parents have taken to putting boots on their dog in the wet and cold months. It’s more than just a fashion statement. Some owners like the dog boots for keeping paws clean so they don’t have to wipe muddy paw prints off the floor. Most are just trying to be good owners and protect their dogs’ paws from bitter cold, harsh road and sidewalk salt and slick conditions.

But for most dogs, when those boots go on for the first time, they see it as plain madness. And we humans discover that watching a dog try to figure out how to walk in footwear is endlessly entertaining.

In honor of the holidays – a time of cold noses and warm cheer – we want to wish you happy holidays in the best way we know how. Cozy up to the screen, gather your loved ones and enjoy these hilariously adorable canines trying out dog boots.


It’s Christmas! Time to open your presents! But first, check out the festive outfit this guy got from Santa.



On Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen!

giphy (2)




Outta the way, ladies. There’s a new fashionista in town.

giphy (3)




This guy is simply not having it. Not a bit.

giphy (5)




Hey look! It’s hilarious when cats do it, too! Looks like this furball has been into the catnip again.

giphy (4)


There you have it folks. If this doesn’t make your Christmas merry, I don’t know what will.

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Happy holidays!