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Allergy Elimination, is it Possible?

According to Dr. Dan Thibodeau of Appleton, Wisconsin, you may get permanent freedom from allergies simply by getting a natural, drug-free and painless treatment called Muscle Response Testing (MRT). To find out what Dr. Thibodeau, who has more than 22 years experience, has to say about eliminating your allergies – keep reading this post straight […]

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Do B vitamins keep mosquitoes away?

Word has it this is going to be a horrendous year for mosquitoes.  Great! Besides rain, nothing ruins a beautiful summer’s eve  on the patio more than mosquitoes  – especially if you live in Wisconsin – the home of July, August, and winter!  I dread mosquitos, not just because they’re annoying, but because […]

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Don’t wait for your skin to sunburn to save it!

Send to Kindle Does your skin like the sun? Do you burn easily? We’ve finally had some warm sunny days in Wisconsin and that means getting our very pale-skinned, ghostly white bodies out to catch some rays. Unfortunately, we usually catch some sunburn, too. There’s nothing sexier than looking like a lobster! Burning your skin is a good way to make […]

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Small Victory in Breaking Dietetic Monopoly

Press Release by Tami Wahl, Legislative Director American Association for Health Freedom The Delaware State Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (Board) voted Friday to adopt regulations to implement the Dietitian/Nutritionist Licensure Act (Act). Two years ago, the Board was tasked with determining criteria for the practice of nutrition and dietetics in Delaware but has had […]

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