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Sarsaparilla Plant History, Uses, and Medicinal Benefits

The sarsaparilla plant is one of many herbs studied for its potential medicinal benefits. But if the term ‘sarsaparilla’ makes you think of cowboys throwing back frosty pints after a hard day of ranching, your romantic notion isn’t entirely off-base. According to some sources, a drink using the plant’s root was popular among cowboys in […]

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The Best Way To Enjoy Sarsaparilla Root Benefits

Sarsaparilla is a name you might have heard in old-timey cartoons or movies: cowboys are frequently heard ordering a drink called sarsaparilla, sometimes thought of as an old version of rootbeer. But there’s a lot people don’t know about sarsaparilla, starting with the fact that famous drink often didn’t even contain any sarsaparilla. What is […]

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