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Workout Wednesday: The Sexy Shoulder Workout

When it comes to building muscle, many people like to focus on their biceps and triceps, their abs, and their legs, too. Sometimes, the shoulder muscles — which are just as important — get forgotten about. Your shoulder muscles play pretty important roles in your ability to lift, swing, and perform other movements. That’s why this week’s […]

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Homemade Protein Bars and Snacks

Everyone knows how important protein is  for good health. So it’s a good thing so many different protein and energy bars are making their way onto the grocery store shelves, right? Not necessarily. With high amounts of sugar and other less-than-nutritious ingredients, many store-bought protein bars aren’t much more than glorified candy bars (click here […]

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7 Nutrients to Keep an Eye on if You Don’t Eat Meat – or Even if You Do

A vegetarian or vegan diet can have a lot of benefits for your health. When meat isn’t part of your diet, you consume less saturated fat and cholesterol that could affect your health. It’s also great for increasing your intake of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables – when steak’s not on the plate, there’s more room […]

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9 Meatless Ways to Get Protein

American culture is stuffed with meat. It’s our starting point when cooking dinner and it’s in the overwhelming majority of menu items at most restaurants. For decades, we’ve been among the top meat-consuming countries in the world (and not just by a hair). There’s no single explanation for this phenomenon. There are economic, historical, and […]

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