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Natural Cleaning Products for Every Room in Your House

Over the past few decades, an increasing amount of cleaning products have been introduced into our homes, each one containing potentially harmful amounts of chemicals. Using one of these products in a properly ventilated room isn’t likely to cause health concerns. However, using several at the same time can become a problem, exposing your family […]

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peppermint essential oil headache

Peppermint Essential Oil Headache Support for Your Peace of Mind

In more ways than one, peppermint really is the world’s best friend. This versatile herb has been used for thousands of years to address practically every challenge in everyday life. Think about it: we use mint to freshen our breath, clean our teeth, season our food, calm our senses, and even wash our houses. And […]

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peppermint essential oil properties

Essential Peppermint Essential Oil Properties

Whether it’s during the heat of summer or the dead of winter, peppermint is an everyday hallmark for it’s great taste, calming effect, and general minty-fresh smell. But believe it or not, there’s more than meets the eye (or nose) to this classic herb and its essential oil. Learn more about peppermint essential oil properties […]

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