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Cooking Oils You Should Try That Aren’t Olive Oil

Olive oil is a wonderful thing, there’s no denying that. Whether you buy the lowest priced oils or spring for the expensive Italian imports, olive oil is versatile around the kitchen and home. It’s great as a salad dressing, and contrary to popular belief, it remains largely stable during frying even under very high temperatures. […]

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The Benefits of Olive Leaf Oil

Since the earliest days in humankind’s documented history, the olive tree has been glorified for its amazing health benefits. You can even find it mentioned in ancient religious texts, including the Bible’s Book of Genesis and the Koran, the sacred text of Islam. It’s also extremely likely that the olive tree was utilized even before […]

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7 Lettuceless Salad Recipes to Share

Whether you need a salad for a picnic, family get-together or a party, you won’t hesitate to bring and share any of these lettuceless salad recipes. I personally get tired of the same old picnic and party food. The salad lover should find these lettuceless salads flavorful, colorful and healthy! Once you start sharing these […]

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Argan Oil – Nature’s Anti-Aging Skin Care And More! {Infographic}

Moroccan Argan oil has been proven to help with anti-aging because of its high level of vitamin E and antioxidants that rid the body of free radicals. It reduces wrinkles by restoring the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. Argan cools and soothes the skin of ailments like chickenpox, acne, psoriasis, eczema and even stretch marks! It’s also provides natural detoxification and UV protection! […]

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