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holy basil oil

Holy Basil Oil: Support for a Healthy Stress Response

Do you love walking into a room and the smell of peppermint or lavender fill your head and body? It’s such an invigorating and refreshing experience, it’s no wonder essential oils have gained in popularity over the years. Whether they’re meant for aromatherapy, medicinal or just a room deodorizer, utilizing essential oils in your favorite […]

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natural perfume

Why Switch to Natural Perfume? 3 Recipes to Convince You

To many women, wearing perfume is an extension of their personalities. Novelist and National Book Award winner Mary Gaitskill, in her essay “The Power of Perfume,” described the wearing of perfume as “a complex blend of [the] private and public selves.” Wearing fragrance or having a signature scent is not just a way for women to […]

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Do B vitamins keep mosquitoes away?

Word has it this is going to be a horrendous year for mosquitoes.  Great! Besides rain, nothing ruins a beautiful summer’s eve  on the patio more than mosquitoes  – especially if you live in Wisconsin – the home of July, August, and winter!  I dread mosquitos, not just because they’re annoying, but because I’m highly […]

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