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Natural Cleaning Products for Every Room in Your House

Over the past few decades, an increasing amount of cleaning products have been introduced into our homes, each one containing potentially harmful amounts of chemicals. Using one of these products in a properly ventilated room isn’t likely to cause health concerns. However, using several at the same time can become a problem, exposing your family […]

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A Tribute to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

Have you ever been surprised by your grief at someone’s passing? When I heard the news of the untimely death of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, I cried. Why would it hit me so hard? After-all, I’d only met the man once at a health expo in Chicago. But as a champion of parental rights in healthcare […]

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Dr. Joseph Mercola – The Story Behind One of the Most Controversial Names in Health & Wellness

He may be the most polarizing person in the field of medicine and personal health. Try to get the scoop on Dr. Joseph Mercola and you’re likely to find either glowing testimonials and staunch supporters, or the harshest of critics and angry skeptics. Plenty of Mercola’s views breed contention. There’s no doubt about that. While […]

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