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horse chestnut seed extract

Try Horse Chestnut Seed Extract to Support Vein Health

Chronic venous insufficiency is a fancy way to describe the swollen, underperforming veins in the legs of so many people. Whether it’s the sight of bulging veins that can be seen through the skin, or the constant swelling and fatigue that annoys you most, if you’ve got them, you’re bound to seek out ways to […]

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6 Impossible To Ignore Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

Maybe you’ve heard about myrrh only in the context of the New Testament story about three wise men and their gifts of “gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Or maybe you’ve seen the name show in some of your favorite essential oil blends (myrrh has a deep, earthy, almost licorice-y scent). But what is myrrh, and what […]

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5 Potential Thyme Benefits And Medicinal Uses

Thyme is a small-leafed, perennial evergreen herb with a storied past. While today it is used primarily as a cooking spice, thyme has historically had many cultural uses, including a symbol for courage, bravery, and strength for soldiers in the Middle Ages. The herb’s longevity is in part due to its versatility. Thyme’s active agent, thymol, […]

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