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How Dr. Hyman Helped an Autistic Boy With a Functional Medicine Approach

“Do you see what you believe or do you believe what you see?”  - Sidney Baker, MD Many health experts do not believe autism is genetic, although this is what most of the medical community does believe. The same medical community that told us it was due to “bad mothering” up until the late 1960’s. Family […]

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Does Magnesium Help ADHD & Autism Symptoms? [Infographic]

Millions suffer daily from not having enough magnesium and they aren’t even aware of it. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals necessary for human survival, serving hundreds of functions within our cells. Magnesium builds and strengthens our bones, relaxes our muscles, transmits nerve signals, contributes to a healthy immune response, produces enzymes responsible for […]

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No vaccines, No School….Not So!

Does this sound familiar? You’re scrambling to get all the back-to-school shopping finished, the kids have started fall sports, your job is demanding more of your time and suddenly, in the midst of all this, your school district sends you a letter saying  Johnny’s vaccinations aren’t current and you must get them up-to-date before he can […]

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