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Stay At Home Mom Workouts


If you’re a stay-at-home mom, whether you care for one child or ten, you know that you never really get a minute to yourself. That can make it difficult to find time to fit in an exercise or fitness routine. If you want to stay strong and active, it’s important to find workouts that can be done during small pockets of time during the day.

Here are some of our favorite quick and easy stay at home mom workouts.

Stay at Home Mom Workouts

All of these workouts are simple and equipment-free. Nothing to get out, and nothing to put away! 

  1. Yoga – Pull up a 15 or 30 minute yoga instructional video on YouTube and have the kids join in. They’ll have a blast trying out poses with you, while you get some good stretching and strength built into your day. 
  2. Planks – These simple exercises can be done anywhere, and they’re a great workout for your core. Start in a pushup position, and then drop your forearms to the ground. Keep your forearms and fists flat on the floor, and hold yourself up in that position (remembering to keep your back straight) for 30 seconds to a minute. This exercise is easy to do while the kids play with trains, dolls, or blocks, and you can keep an eye on them the whole time.
  3. Jumping jacks – This one is a favorite for kids of all ages, so we’re guessing the kids will be happy to join in with a round of jumping jacks. A great and easy cardio option, you can do them solo while keeping an eye on everything happening, or you can take a pause every hour to do 20 jumping jacks together as a family.
  4. Dance party – There’s no better way to squeeze in some cardio (and let the kids burn off a little energy at the same time) than by throwing a daily dance party in the living room. Blast your favorite tunes and let everyone let loose with their favorite dance moves. Everyone gets the chance to get their heart rate up and work up a good sweat, and if you’re lucky, you might wear the kids out so they’ll sleep harder at naptime or bedtime.

Along with those stay at home mom workouts, another way to support your journey to becoming fit and strong is with these natural protein powder supplements from Natural Healthy Concepts, Teras Whey, and Natural Factors.

Natural Healthy Concepts – GI Cleanse Protein Powder

As a protein powder supplement, GI Cleanse Protein Powder from Natural Healthy Concepts provides 26 grams of protein (from a proprietary pea and rice protein blend) per serving. But it isn’t just a protein powder. This formula is also a dietary supplement comprised of a special blend of vitamins, minerals, curcumin, and more, which provides comprehensive support for the detoxification of foreign microbes and environmental toxins, a healthy metabolism, and the absorption of nutrients. It also has a low-allergy potential, uses lactose-free vegan protein, and is naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract. 

Teras Whey – Simply Pure Whey Protein rBGH Free

Simply Pure Whey Protein rBGH Free from Teras Whey comes packed with 21 grams of whey protein per serving. Whey protein may help maintain a healthy weight, curbing hunger, maintaining a lean body, supporting exercise recovery, and reducing muscle loss associated with aging. This protein powder supplement comes in bourbon vanilla, dark chocolate, or plain unsweetened, and just as importantly, it comes without any rBGH growth hormone. 

Natural Factors – Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Protein & Greens

If you want the benefits of protein, superfoods, greens, fermentation, and more, then Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Protein & Greens from Natural Factors is for you. This certified organic, non-GMO superfood supplement features 21 grams of clean, plant-based, vegan protein per serving. But there’s a lot more than that. It also contains:

  • 100% Fermented, organic superfood greens harvested from Natural Factor farms.
  • Alfalfa grass, barley grass, and wheatgrass support an alkaline environment in the tissues to help clear naturally generated body toxins.
  • Fermented, organic whole foods like dandelion, cilantro, carrot, kale, and beets deliver a broad spectrum of phytonutrients.
  • A powerful blend of antioxidants to help neutralize harmful free radicals, energize, and optimize overall health.
  • Six medicinal mushrooms, with a blend of cordyceps, reishi, himematsutake, shitake, maitake, and turkey tail to support immunity

What is your favorite stay at-home workouts?

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