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Sleep Tips for New Parents

sleep tips
Try these sleep tips for new parents.

When you’re a new parent, a good night’s sleep may seem like a thing of the past. You love your children more than words could say, but what you wouldn’t give for a solid 8 hours, free from unpredictable interruptions.

Although you can’t control everything, there are a few things you can try with your family to increase the amount and quality of your sleep. March is Sleep Awareness Month, and we don’t want to leave the new parents behind. Here are a few solid sleep tips you can put into practice right now.

4 Sleep Tips for New Parents

Learn About and Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Practicing healthy sleep habits can make a huge difference in the amount and quality of sleep you get. Playing on your phone or watching TV can create an internal feeling of wakefulness no matter how tired you are. Lowering light pollution, sticking to a consistent bedtime, and avoiding large meals before bed can help you sleep better, that is until the baby decides you are needed.

Start a Nighttime Routine Early

Get your baby in the habit of healthy sleep routines as well! The earlier you begin a soothing wind down to bedtime, the better your chances of raising children with good sleep hygiene. Some parents choose a calming nightly bath, followed by a book, a final feeding, and time for sleep.

Whatever your family chooses, routines can be very helpful in teaching kids how to sleep on a healthy schedule.

Don’t Be a Hero

If you have a supportive partner, take turns with the nighttime feedings, even if that means they bring the baby to you to nurse and ensure you stay awake until the baby is finished. Swapping shifts for late night duties means you both get more sleep and have a sense of togetherness in new parent duties.

Additionally if your in-laws, friends, or neighbors offer to help you out, take them up on it! There is no parenting badge or gold star for going it alone.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Yes, caffeine can be a new parent’s lifeline at times, but you need to use it in moderation. If you are limiting caffeine while nursing, you may already be minimizing coffee, if not, keep in mind that too much caffeine can seriously interfere with your sleep.

Be sure you aren’t relying too heavily on stimulants to get through the day, and set a cut off time in the early afternoon where you stop the coffee and caffeinated beverages.

Products to Support Natural, Healthy Sleep

Combine these trusted products with the sleep tips above to help promote quality sleep that equips you to parent at your best! If you’re nursing, check with your doctor or pediatrician before using these products just to be sure.

Sleep Bundle from Thorne Research

The Sleep Bundle from Thorne Research contains three supplements that support restful sleep and help balance circadian rhythms. These include Melatonin-3, PharmaGABA-250, and Magnesium Bisglycinate.

Stress-Relax Tranquil Sleep from Natural Factors

Natural Factors’ Stress-Relax Tranquil Sleep is an advanced, fast-acting formula that contains 5-HTP, suntheanine, and melatonin to support relaxation and enhance sleep quality.

Valerian by Solaray

Used for thousands of years, valerian root helps regulate your nervous system to bring about a natural sedating effect. Valerian from Solaray is an easy to swallow capsule that can help with restful sleep and other health-promoting benefits.

What are your best sleep tips for new parents? Share them with our community in the comments box below.