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Skin Care Tips to Heal Scars

skin care tips to heal scars

Learn skin care tips to heal scars.

A life well-lived is bound to come with some scars, both physical and emotional. Wounds and scars may take time to fully heal, and some fade away more easily than others. Once a wound has closed up, it can leave behind a raised, discolored scar in its place. Depending on the location, you may want to take extra steps to heal wounds and minimize scars.

If you’re looking for skin care tips to heal scars, Natural Healthy Concepts has you covered with the information and products you’re looking for.

Understanding Scars & Scar Tissue

A scar is the fibrous tissue left behind after the body has worked to heal a wound and can come as the result of cuts, abrasions, infections, or surgeries. The look of a scar can vary depending on what caused it and where it is on the body. Knees and elbows, for example, often show scarring as the skin is thin and the joints are constantly in motion as the injury heals. A number of other factors also impact the appearance of a scar including age, severity of the wound, and wound care.

Wound Care to Minimize Scarring

The way you care for a wound after injury can have a big impact on the scarring left behind when it has healed. First off, you want to ensure the wound is kept clean. Start with a natural, mild soap (like this 4-in1 Organic Pump Soap from Dr. Bronners) to remove any dirt or debris left behind, as long as you do this, disinfectant cream and hydrogen peroxide is not necessary.

Keep the wound moist with an ointment like coconut oil or petroleum jelly to prevent it drying out and scabbing over. Change your bandage daily as the wound heals and if your wound requires stitches, be sure to follow the doctor’s orders and have them removed at the proper time. Once your wound has healed, take care to cover it with sunscreen to encourage the scar to fade and avoid reddish brown discoloration.

Natural Products to Heal Scars

In addition to skin care tips to heal scars, Natural Healthy Concepts has some natural products you may want to keep on hand to heal wounds and minimize the appearance of scars.

Scar Gel by Derma-E

Scar Gel by Derma E contains a unique blend of botanical extracts that may diminish the appearance of scars. The herbal ingredients help breakdown scar tissue and encourage healthy, natural-looking tissue growth.

Scar Support Cream by MiraCell

 Using powerful moisturizers, Scar Support Cream from MiraCell works to heal skin and minimize the appearance of scars with plant-based ingredients. A blend of aloe vera, jojoba, sunflower seed oil, and white tea promotes healthy looking skin with the addition of proteins, enzymes, and plant-derived peptides.

Scar Control from Forces of Nature

Scar Control from Forces of Nature is a topical formula that may help reduce new and old scars while promoting healthy, balanced skin. Using organic ingredients and rare essential oils, this cream penetrates deep into the skin to promote balance and healing.

What are your preferred skin care tips to heal scars? Share with our team in the comments section below.

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