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Shilajit Extract: What You Need to Know

shilajit extract
Shilajit extract may offer a number of potential benefits for your health. Read more here!

Although shilajit extract is not a new discovery in Ayurvedic medicine, its use in western circles is growing rapidly. Shilajit extract originates as a resinous, tarry-looking substance which is found and harvested in higher altitude, mountainous areas. It has a wealth of potential benefits and is viewed by many in the natural-health sphere to be a super nutrient with wide-reaching potential benefits.

How can shilajit extract assist you in your natural health journey? Read on to learn more about the history, usage and potential benefits of this odd, gooey substance.

Shilajit History

Shilajit resin has been used for more than 3,000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners out of India. When roughly translated the word Shilajit means conqueror of mountains or destroyer of weakness. According to Ayurvedic sources this resinous goo was rediscovered by Himalayan villagers who were watching large white monkeys chewing the substance. Struck by their long lives and vibrant health, the villagers started to mix the black, sticky resin into milk and warm water and to try it for themselves. They reported a long list of personal benefits and began to spread the word about this super-nutrient to neighboring villages and the potential impact of this supplement began to grow.

Extraction Process

Extracting and harvesting shilajit is a delicate process and the resinous goo cannot be truly replicated in farmed environments. Shilajit naturally occurs over years of vegetable matter decomposition in select, high altitude areas including India, Peru and Nepal. It cannot be forced out, but must be obtained naturally as it flows from the cracks of rocks and cliffs. It can however, be combined with other supplements in powdered, capsule form with the same raw potential benefits. Shilajit experts report that the purer and blacker the original resin is, the greater the potential benefits one may experience by consuming it.

The Potential Benefits of Taking Shilajit Extract

The projected benefits of shilajit are still being thoroughly researched and many of these studies are still in their infancy. The main active agent in Shilajit is called fulvic acid, which may be a powerful neural support, assisting with memory and bringing about mental balance. Studies have also shown that shilajit may be a helpful tool in the battle against addiction and chemical dependency. Studies are also underway to understand the correlation between shilajit and balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

How To Take Shilajit Extract

Shilajit should be introduced into your diet gradually and in small doses. Because of its energizing qualities, you should take shilajit early in your day to ensure maximum benefits and minimal interruption to healthy sleep patterns. Pure shilajit resin should be taken mixed into milk or warm water and you may want to stir in a protein powder or add it into a smoothie to mask the somewhat unpleasant taste. In the same vein, shilajit capsules should be taken orally with water in the morning or over breakfast. Combining shilajit with other supplements such as CoQ10 could assist in its effectiveness as well as the absorption of daily vitamins and nutrients.

A Few Shilajit Products To Try

Shilajeet Mumiyo

shilajit extractShilajeet Mumiyo from Ayush Herbs is a vegetarian dietary supplement containing shilajit and including iron, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and much more. If you need support for your immune system, sexual health, circulatory system and more, try Shilajeet Mumiyo from Ayush Herbs.

Shilajit Supreme

shilajit extractShilajit Supreme from Healthforce supports endocrine function, energy, metabolism, brain function, detoxification and immune function. This supplement is gathered from a pure high mountain region of the Himalayan Mountains in India, and then filtered and concentrated via a unique, full-spectrum, water extraction process into a nutrient-rich powder. Their shilajit is abundant in dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, other unique phytochemicals, plant-based trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and contains naturally high concentrations of fulvic acid (over 50%)

Shilajit by Banyan Botanicals

shilajit extractShilajit from Banyan Botanicals may offer a wide range of health benefits and support the urinary tract, kidneys, and male and female reproductive systems while promoting vitality and stamina. May aid normal detoxification and could enhance the potency of other herbs and supplements.

Do you have questions or experiences with shilajit that you’d like to share? We would love to hear it, tell us about it in the comments below.