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Shed the Pounds with Social Media!

weight loss support with social media

Ever tried losing weight? Did you join a support group like Weight Watchers or did you do it alone? Studies show that people with weight-loss support have better success than those who try on their own.

What if you don’t have the money to join a group, or weekly weigh-ins aren’t realistic in your busy schedule? Where can you get support? How can you find a weight loss buddy? Enter social media!

The world of Twitter, Google+, Facebook, blogging and apps, have made losing weight so much easier. No more going it alone; now, you can have countless social media friends to share the ups and downs of shedding the pounds; you can even create your own weight-loss Twitter and Facebook accounts or write your own blogs.

Losing weight is more than cutting calories–many factors may affect your ability to lose weight. Thyroid problems, heavy metal toxicity and even food allergies can prevent the most conscientious dieter from losing weight. But for the cash-strapped individuals who are simply eating too many calories, Tweeting and posting may be the “weigh” to success. And don’t forget apps for your smart phone – you’ll find everything from calorie counters to pedometers.

How can social media help? In this excellent article by Sherry Pagota, Ph.D., for Psychology Today, you’ll see how social media provides support and results. According to Dr. Pagota:

The support and influence we experience from other people has a tremendous impact on our lifestyles and our weight.  A landmark study by Christakis and Fowler (2007) at Harvard University showed that obesity is “socially contagious” meaning that we are more likely to be obese if our family and friends are obese. Not only do we share habits but we subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) reinforce each other’s habits. To the extent that you are locked in a social circle that strongly reinforces unhealthy habits, you will have great difficulty consistently living a healthy lifestyle.  You can’t fire your spouse, family and friends. However, you can open yourself up to a new social world, one that has supportive people who will make the difference in your life that you didn’t even know you needed.

I guess that old saying “you are who your friends are” is true. If you aren’t getting support from family or friends and can’t afford to join a group like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, find help through social media – it’s available 24/7. If you don’t like what you see, start your own group.

If you don’t think social media is enough, here are two products that may provide the nutritional support to curb your appetite and stop those carb cravings!

Below are links to a few websites and social media sites to get started:

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Girlfriends Weight Loss Support Group

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No more excuses! It’s time to Tweet your “weigh” to a new you!

Good luck!

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