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Top 5 Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

sandalwood essential oil uses

Learn the top 5 sandalwood essential oil uses and delivery methods.

Essential oils may offer soothing, calming, and potentially beneficial support for your healthy lifestyle. However, it can be difficult to understand how to best experience their aromatic properties. Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we want to educate you on easy ways to utilize the supplements and essentials oils we offer. To start, one must-have addition to your aromatherapy kit is sandalwood essential oil. Surely, you’ve heard of it, but you may not know why you should invest in sandalwood oil or how to best integrate it into your life. Read on to learn more about sandalwood essential oil uses.

What Is Sandalwood Oil?

The sandalwood tree (Antalum album) is one of the most valuable trees on the planet and has long been sought after and harvested for its aromatherapeutic qualities. Ancient Egyptians used sandalwood in their embalming processes and burned it during religious ceremonies. It has also been used for centuries in the practice of Ayurvedic medicine in both India and China.

Sandalwood trees grow mainly in East India, although the oil is distributed worldwide for its fragrant qualities. Sandalwood oil is harvested from both the roots and wood of the tree when the tree is between 10-15 years old, although many believe that older trees produce more valuable oils.

5 Popular Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

So now that you know where it came from, here are a few of the most popular sandalwood essential oil uses and delivery methods.

Sandalwood can be a wonderful ingredient in natural hair care products not only for the fantastic, earthy smell it leaves on your hair but also for the ways in which it can protect your hair follicle ends from damage. Sandalwood has been shown to help hair retain moisture and could help you ward of the damage caused by heat styling and daily wear and tear. A word of caution: don’t add essentials oils directly to your hair; instead put a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner or use a carrier oil to dilute the oil.

Due to its fragrant and pleasing aroma, one of the most popular sandalwood essential oil uses has been as a base note in expensive perfumes. The base notes of fragrances are those that linger after other smells have faded, corresponding with sandalwood’s pleasant and lasting aroma.

Another great way to enjoy sandalwood is to diffuse it throughout your home or office using a steam diffuser. Many believe that the aroma of sandalwood is helpful for meditation, relaxation, and overall mood support.

Sandalwood oil is commonly used in massage oil blends that lubricate the skin and add an aromatherapy component to the massage experience. For centuries, the scent of sandalwood has been associated with relaxation, meditation, and wellness, making it a perfect match for the massage process.

Sandalwood often appears on the ingredient list for natural skin care products. It is a mild astringent, which may help soothe and tone the skin as well as provide temporary relief to mild skin irritations. To apply it directly to the skin, consider using a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil.

Check Out These Sandalwood Essential Oil Products

Natural Healthy Concepts stocks an impressive selection of sandalwood essential oils and other essential oil products and accessories. To start enjoying the benefits of sandalwood for yourself, try Sandalwood Essential Oil from Aura Cacia. This earthy, balsamic aroma is formulated to support a focused mind and a healthy mood. Also try Organic Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil from Simplers Botanicals. This product is sustainably grown in Australia and marries well with most floral, wood, and citrus essential oils.

Have you experienced the aromatic benefits of these and other sandalwood essential oil uses? Tell us all about it or leave your questions in the comments section below.

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  1. Rozalia horner December 13, 2018 at 5:34 pm #

    Hello I was recently in Egypt, and we stayed in a place at Awan, We also went to check out the oils and I purchased a 250mil bottle of clear Egyptian collagen oil from sandalwood can I use this product every day as well as I purchased myrrh, and frankincense though the smell is different to dottera. I like purchasing product when travelling and feeling a bit confused considering dotted is a American company and they source the oil all over the world but starting to think of buying Australian oil what’s the different.

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