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6 Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits to Your Health

sandalwood essential oil benefits
Learn 6 potential sandalwood essential oil benefits for your health.

The potential health benefits of integrating essential oils into our lives are only now being researched and discovered. For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic practitioners – and more recently, members of the natural health community – have been encouraging the use of essential oils such as lavender, clove, and sandalwood. These oils hold a wealth of potential benefits that support healthy living and sustained wellness. Each individual essential oil comes with a unique set of uses and potential benefits. Read on to learn more about the top sandalwood essential oil benefits that may assist you in achieving your natural health goals.

What Is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood is one of the most valuable trees on the planet, and its wood and roots have been used for centuries by both healers and religious leaders across the globe. Although most sandalwood oil comes from Eastern India, it can also be sustainably grown in other parts of the world.

Potential Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits

Provides Sleep Support
Some research shows that santalol, a major component of sandalwood oil, may have some sedative properties and and may be useful in patients having difficulty maintaining sleep.

Assists with Seasonal Symptoms
A new study shows that individuals who inhale essential oils containing sandalwood twice daily show improvement in their perennial allergic rhinitis symptoms. Not only did their nasal discomfort improve, according to this study, but so did their sleep, energy, and the overall quality of life they reported. Further research, however, is required to support these claims.

Provides Upper Respiratory Support
Inhaling sandalwood through steam or a diffuser may provide upper respiratory relief in the midst of seasonal health challenges. It has long been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine as a palliative measure for patients struggling with upper respiratory symptoms and congestion. Why not try it for yourself?

Promotes Wound Healing
Sandalwood has been shown to have antiseptic properties and has long been used in natural wound treatment. An article in TIME suggests that even the smell of sandalwood may help skin cells heal. Skin cells have olfactory receptors, and when those receptors are exposed to sandalwood… the resulting changes in cell activity could facilitate wound healing. Further research, of course, is necessary to support this claim.

Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin
Sandalwood is a popular ingredient in natural healthcare products such as body wash, facial cleansers, and shampoo. It may also help with skin blemishes for healthier-looking skin.

Supports a Healthy Mood
The soothing mood support ability of sandalwood is one of its most well-researched potential benefits. Diffusing sandalwood or using it as a massage oil may provide stress support and promote a healthy mood. In addition, research from Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practices concludes that results do seem to support the notion that sandalwood oil is effective in reducing anxiety.

Try Sandalwood for Yourself With These Products

The store at Natural Healthy Concepts is well stocked with sandalwood products for you to try. If you’re ready to experience sandalwood essential oil benefits for yourself, start with Sandalwood Essential Oil from Aura Cacia. This 100% pure essential oil may support a healthy mood, sleep, and focus. Another high-quality sandalwood essential oil is Organic Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil from Simplers Botanicals. This oil is sustainably grown and harvested in Australia, unlike the endangered Indian sandalwood trees. It is a wonderful addition to skin and hair care products and can be a useful aromatherapy tool for stress support.

How are you using sandalwood essential oil benefits to support your natural healthy lifestyle? Tell us all about it below!