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What’s the Relationship Between Krill Oil and Heart Health?


Krill oil, like fish oil, is a natural compound found in aquatic life that contains essential fatty acids. Unlike fish oil, some research suggests that krill oil may provide optimal support for heart health.

So, should you get essential fatty acids from krill, or can you stick with salmon, herring, mackerel, or many other popular sources of fish oil? Keep reading to find out.

Potential Benefits of Krill Oil

Krill oil, from Euphausia superba, is an aquatic animal with a similar appearance to shrimp, and is found in the colder waters off of Antarctica, Canada, and Japan. They have a natural red appearance because they eat plankton, an organism that naturally produces this color pigment in their body. This red pigment is an antioxidant known as astaxanthin.

Krill oil is also a source of both EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that are found in all omega-3s, but krill oil is unique because it contains PLFA (phospholipid-derived fatty acids), which is thought to provide optimal absorption when compared to other omega-3s.

Research into how omega fatty acids from the oils of aquatic life support health is ongoing, but early research suggests it may do several things in the body. Research from the University of Kansas Medical Center suggests that the EPA and DHA in krill oil may play a role in the following:

  • Concentration of cholesterol in the blood
  • Blood pressure levels
  • Heart rate
  • Clotting factors
  • Inflammation
  • Plaque stabilization

Something to keep in mind about krill and fish oil, as noted by many research papers, is that these oils can not make up for bad lifestyle habits. Diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors play a larger role in the overall health of the heart, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

If you choose to start using a krill oil supplement, you may also want to make other heart-healthy changes, such as exercising more, eating healthier, getting more sleep, decreasing stress, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco products.

The Importance of Shopping for Quality Krill Oil

Many bodies of water on the planet are polluted with chemicals and industrial runoff. To know that the krill oil you buy is from a clean source, make sure you shop trusted brands that are known for crafting quality products.

Dr. Mercola, Source Naturals, and Quality Of Life are brands that provide krill oil and adhere to strict guidelines for quality, testing, and potency. Additionally, these brands meet NHC.com internal standards and have been vetted by the on-staff nutritionist.

The Dr. Mercola also has a krill oil supplement designed for pets, Antarctic Krill Oil for Pets. This formula is thought to support healthy-looking skin and coat, the eyes, brain, immune system, and much more.

If you’re looking for krill oil, then these brands may provide the optimal medicinal support you have been looking for!