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7 Potential Rehmannia Benefits to Your Health

rehmannia benefits
Find out 7 rehmannia benefits to your health in this blog post!

The Rehmannia glutinosa plant is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Its leaves serve as a topical application for skin conditions, especially for dry or itchy skin; whereas, rehmannia flowers are purely decorative. However, the main source of potentially beneficial bioactive compounds for your health come from rehmannia root, which can be used fresh, dried, or processed as an herbal supplement. Read on to find out 7 rehmannia benefits to your health.

A Brief History of TCM 

TCM has a history that spans more than 2,500 years and includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, exercise, and a specific and healthy diet. A commonly understood principle of TCM is yin and yang – nature’s way of balancing opposing forces such light and dark. Rehmannia root is believed to help nourish the yin side of the equation.

In recent years, TCM has becoming increasingly popular in Europe and North America where it is being used primarily to complement Western medicine. For example: A healthcare provider may recommend a prescription medicine in combination with acupuncture to fight frequent migraine headaches. When researching lists of the herbs and plants that are vital parts of TCM, rehmannia benefits certainly make it an important part of the list.

We certainly aren’t expecting you to go out and find all of the most popular TCM herbs and immediately add them to your supplement routine. Some of the herbs used in Chinese medicine can interact with prescription medicines, have unwanted side effects (such as bloating, nausea, loose bowel movements, or effects on blood sugar levels), or be unsafe for people with certain medical conditions. Always discuss your desire to use an herbal supplement with your healthcare provider to decide the best dosage and usage for your specific circumstances.

Potential Rehmannia Benefits

These top 7 rehmannia benefits may make it worth a discussion with your healthcare provider.

01. May support overall health as a general tonic. Rehmannia root contains bioactive compounds known as iridoid glycosides, natural plant-based molecules, which may slow the natural aging process according to various studies. This also includes support of healthy blood and liver. This helps balance the yin half of the equation mentioned earlier. For starters, try Rehmannia Extract from Herb Pharm for a quick and easy way to work the herb and its potential benefits into your daily routine.

02. May support a healthy immune response. Recent studies have shown that rehmannia root may serve as an antioxidant, temporarily alleviating minor symptoms related to seasonal health challenges, especially skin irritations.

03. May support brain health. Rehmannia is believed to support cognitive function, especially as the brain ages.

04. May support bone health. Early studies have shown that an extract of rehmannia root may help prevent further bone loss in aging rats, a possible research area of interest to human subjects as well.

05. May support menstrual health. Rehmannia may also support the female reproductive system by temporarily relieving symptoms related to the monthly menstrual cycle.

06. May support regulation of plasma glucose. According to a study on rats, a formula of rehmannia may help regulate plasma glucose levels by promoting glucose utilization through more beta-endorphin secretion from the adrenal glands.

07. May support healthy-looking skin and hair. Rehmannia root is gaining popularity as an addition to beauty products. Wellness System Conditioner by Giovanni combines Chinese botanicals with the highest quality Western ingredients to energize your hair and scalp, helping to soothe a dry itchy scalp, strengthen roots, and reinforce your hair’s natural bounce and elasticity.

How are you working rehmannia root into your routine, and what rehmannia benefits matter most to you? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.