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Raspberry Ketones: Do they work?

English: RaspberryGuess what’s flying off the shelves at our retail store? Raspberry Ketones. That’s because Dr. Oz featured the fat burning supplement on his show. Last week Dr. Oz endorsed the Raspberry Ketone Diet as a “miracle fat burner.”  He illustrated how the diet supplement worked by placing air balloons meant to represent fat cells in liquid nitrogen causing the balloons to shrivel up.

  Does Raspberry Ketone work as a natural fat burner? Many health experts say yes. The Raspberry Ketone Diet is a supplement that features a unique formulation designed to burn fat (by boosting the metabolism), and promote healthy living.

It takes as much as four pounds of fresh raspberries to make one capsule of Raspberry ketones.  Recent findings have shown that this unique compound may boost metabolism and contribute to overall health with out all of the unwanted side affects associated with common diet pills. It is especially effective when you add green tea to the equation.