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Propolis Tincture: 5 Healthy Benefits

propolis tincture

Find out how bee propolis tincture works in this blog post.

It’s no big secret that bees produce one of the most commonly used foods in the world – honey. The many health benefits and great taste of honey makes it worthy of being called “liquid gold.” It’s good stuff, that honey, but did you know that deep inside that beehive, those busy bees are manufacturing another extremely useful product – propolis? Read more about potential benefits of taking propolis tincture here!

What is Propolis & Why Try Propolis Tincture?

Propolis is a resin-like substance that honeybees create using their saliva, beeswax, and sap from evergreen trees such as pines. It’s basically bee glue, used by the insect to close small holes and openings in their hive. Just like honey, propolis has numerous potential health benefits for humans. Here are five reasons you should add a propolis tincture to your daily routine.

01. May Deter Yeast Growth – If you are prevalent to excessive yeast growth in any part of your body, a propolis tincture could be your new best friend. Bees use propolis in their hives to shield their hive and eggs from microbes and other fungal threats. So it’s not a big surprise to find that studies show it appears to be useful in helping the body rid itself of pathogenic yeast, which can cause itchy and uncomfortable effects on the skin. Hey – doesn’t hurt to try, right?

02. Soothes Minor Wounds and Burns – Propolis isn’t a new discovery. Ancient civilizations used it regularly to soothe minor wounds and burns. Because of it’s apparent natural antiseptic characteristics, a propolis tincture mixed with other well-known burn and wound ointments may provide notable support in the healing process.

03. May Assist in Alleviating Mouth Sores – People who suffer from the effects of recurrent oral sores may find some much welcomed support from using a product that includes a propolis tincture, such as this High Strength Propolis & Herbs by Y.S. Organic Bee Farms. Studies show that using a propolis tincture combined with other natural herbs such as lysine may help shorten the visibility and discomfort from mouth sores. You may also want to try Super Lysine Plus Cold Sore Treatment lip balm from Quantum Health if this particular benefit speaks to you.

04. Promotes Healthy Dental Hygiene – If you’ve been searching for a natural substitute to using fluoride in your daily dental health routine, this could work for you. As a natural anaesthetic, propolis may reduce the amount of plaque buildup on your teeth, making it a great natural alternative to over-the-counter toothpastes. Many natural health medical practitioners have touted the benefits of using propolis during dental procedures. Try using 10 drops of propolis tincture in your morning coffee or tea and see if you notice any results!

05. Supports a Healthy Immune Response – Studies show propolis has a keen ability to seemingly block bad bacteria while avoiding the good, which makes it an excellent soldier in the immune system regiment. Whether it’s normal symptoms from seasonal changes or a specific ailment you are hoping to combat, adding a few drops of propolis tincture to your daily supplement routine can help keep your immune response alert and strong.

Have you tried using a propolis tincture in your daily supplement routine? We’d love to hear about your experience! Tell us about it in the comments below.


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