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Use These Products to Support Ear and Sinus Health


Ear wax is healthy. It keeps stuff from getting into your ear canal and harming the sensitive parts of the inner ear. If you’ve ever had an ear infection it could have been the result of too little ear wax. But too much ear wax is not ideal either and can cause other issues as well. While earwax removal tools can help, sometimes they do more harm than good.

Ear health is not something we often think about, but the consequences of poor ear health can be serious. So how can you balance a healthy amount of earwax and overall ear health?

In this article, we’re going to talk about why you may need to remove ear wax and some alternative ear wax removal options that me bay ideal for your individual needs.

Do Your Ears Need Irrigation?

You may have made a doctor visit before to address ear irritation. While there, the doctor will check inside the ear canal to find either excess ear wax or a more serious condition.

To address excess ear wax, the doctor may use an otoscope to shine light into the ear and get a clear image about what is going on. If wax build-up is the issue, then the doctor can use a syringe-like tool to clear out the wax with water or a saline solution with a method called irrigation. Of course, a perforated eardrum is an unpleasant complication that can occur due to improper ear irrigation.

One of the most serious diseases that can result from excess ear wax is an infection from otitis externa or otitis media. These can lead to inflammation or other problems that result in temporary or chronic conditions, including hearing loss. Vertigo, or dizziness, and temporary deafness are also health concerns that can occur due to compromised ear health and can lead to injury.

Ear Wax Removal Products from Squip

Ear care is important, and by taking immediate action when problems arise may help you to avoid serious complications. Part of this is using the right products in between yearly visits with an ear specialist.

Squip is a brand that specializes in ear health products that are now sold in 27 different countries. All of these products are created and distributed from a small, 7000 square foot plant in Central New Jersey. In addition to ear care products, Squip sells Himalayan sea salt inhalers that support sinus and respiratory health.

Squip has two products that are perfect for ear wax removal. Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal Drops, which is a set of 20 pipette refills which can be used with the Kyrosol Ear Wax Kit. The drops are a mixture of glycerin, sodium carbonate and purified water. The Kyrosol Ear Wax Kit contains an ear washer with an Otoclear safe irrigation tip. The syringe in this kit seeks to provide the user with optimal comfort during the rinsing process.

The thing is, your ear isn’t the only area of the head where complications can arise. Your nose and sinuses suffer from dust, dirt, and allergens with every inhale. Thankfully, Squip has your back when it comes to nasal health as well. Squip has two products for such an occasion: Nasaline Saline Solution Salt and Nasaline Nasal Rinsing System.

Squip’s Saline Salt formula is a pure sodium chloride formula manufactured for use with squeeze bottles, neti pots and nasal syringes. Just one scoop can be mixed with a cup of warm distilled or sterilized water. Squip’s Nasal Rinsing System washes away unwanted mucous, crusty secretions, and allergens. Using these products may provide temporary relief from occasional symptoms associated with allergies, colds, sinus infections, and the flu.

It’s not something you think about often, but ear health is important. To help maintain the health of your ears, consider a Squip product for your ears and nose.

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