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Discovering Potential Chyawanprash Benefits

Chyawanprash benefits are many, althought this herbal spread is a lesser known jam that can be made with a choice of ingredients.

Chyawanprash is a lesser known jam that can be made with a choice of ingredients to personalize the taste and potential benefits. After learning about this tasty food that has roots dating back to the 4th century BC, maybe you’ll want to try this tasty Indian herbal tonic at home, and discover the potential chyawanprash benefits for yourself!

What Is Chyawanprash?

Ancient Ayurvedic texts write that the sage Chyawan created the first Chyawanprash jam. It is said that he prepared this formula to regain his youth and longevity, and that the formula is the foremost of all rasayanas. Ancient Sanskrit scriptures like the Mahabharata include recipes for this jam, many of which are still made today.

To make your own chyawanprash, you will always include sugar, ghee, honey, Indian Gooseberry, herbs, oils, and spices. Modern chyawanprash can include dozens of different herbs and spices, most of which are considered medicinal in Ayurvedic practice. Whatever ingredients you choose, each batch of chyawanprash is unique, and that’s what makes this preparation so versatile and special.

While chyawanprash is both delicious and a versatile dish you can serve at all hours of the day, it also provides support for health and wellness. The potential chyawanprash benefits have been studied for centuries, and might be worth using to meet your daily dietary needs! Check out our article on how to make the most out of these benefits.

Blood Sugar Support And Vitamin C

Popular formulations of chyawanprash contain ingredients like amla, one of the three fruits of triphala, and ashwagandha, an herb with phytochemicals and other potentially beneficial compounds. Research suggests that these ingredients may be ideal to help maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range.

Researchers at the Department of Physiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, performed a study with 10 participants that measured oral glucose tolerance and blood cholesterol levels after administering a formulation of chyawanprash during the course of 8 weeks. The study notes that there were significant differences in plasma glucose and cholesterol.

The vitamin C content in this formula may also provide several potential benefits. Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin in the body and a cofactor in the biosynthesis of collagen that supports healthy-looking skin, the development of bone, connective tissue, and more; and provides antioxidant support that helps to support the structure and integrity of cells when exposed to free radicals.

As a result of the many different combinations of ingredients, the exact source of potential chyawanprash benefits are not known. In fact, using other ingredients in one or more combinations may support health and wellness in other ways.

Chyawanprash For Memory Support

In hopes of discovering new potential chyawanprash benefits, researchers are devising new experiments that may provide useful, especially during normal aging. What researchers found in a mice experiment was that chyawanprash significantly helped mice preserve memory.

This was evidenced in their maze performance. Even when researchers used drugs to create amnesia in the mice, the ones that had been taking chyawanprash for 15 days exhibited much greater memory recall than the control group. This may have largely been the result of the chemicals in chyawanprash helping to regulate the function of chemicals in the brain and antioxidant activity.

Whatever the potential benefits may be, chyawanprash has been used for thousands of years in the pursuit of seeking overall wellness. Because it’s easy enough to make at home, and even easier to order from our website, chyawanprash might find a good home with you very soon.