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Planted-Based Breakfast Ideas


Plant-based diets have existed for as long as human society. Vegetarian and vegan food traditions serve many purposes. Some exist to meet the purity requirements of a religion. Others serve to help poverty-stricken regions stay fed when there aren’t enough resources to produce cattle. 

Still, others exist to help people reduce calories (compared to meat-heavy diets) while staying well-nourished. You may be considering a diet such as this for one of the reasons above, or some purpose unique to you. Whatever the case, the best place to start might be breakfast. 

For many, breakfast means bacon, sausage, and eggs. While it can be emotionally difficult trying to jettison these staples from the morning menu, there are plenty of plant-based breakfast items that are delicious, nutritious, and interesting enough to keep your pallet entertained.

Below is a look at some of the most compelling plant-based breakfast ideas and some quick and easy tricks for making a delicious meal that you can throw together on the way to work or school. 

Plant-Based Breakfast Ideas


The simplest and most potentially nutritious breakfast type out there may be the morning smoothie. If you include the right ingredients, you will be giving your body essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to get you through the entire day, and all in a single meal! We recommend:

  • Baby spinach for nutrients.
  • Carrots, apples, and berries for sweetness.
  • Fillers like yogurt or peanut butter for calories. 

You can also boost your morning smoothie by adding fiber powder, or supplemental superfood powders. We specifically recommend:

You can add any of these straight to a smoothie and greatly improve your early morning nutrition. 

Chickpea Omelets

With nothing more than chickpea flour, a little water, and your favorite spices, you can have a satisfying omelet that serves as a foundation for your favorite ingredients. 

To create the perfect texture, mix chickpea flour (available at any grocery or online) with water that you pour slowly until you have the pancake batter’s consistency. Not only does this mixture look like pancake batter, but you cook it the same way. 

Once the mixture is cooked in a heated pan on one side, flip it, and add your other ingredients. 

We recommend cooked mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, microgreens, and cashew or plant-based cheese! You didn’t think you could use chickpea in this way, did you? It’s exciting! Once you get the hang of this chickpea omelet, you’ll be crafting delicious and healthy meals for yourself and the whole family. 

Craft an Oatmeal Masterpiece

Oatmeal can feel hit or miss. A big reason is that not everyone knows how to make it the right way or are too familiar with those packets you mix with water and microwave.

Good oatmeal is made with love. So here, we are going to put in some worthwhile effort. 

Oatmeal is a grain-based staple that can be as inspiring as the bread that you use to make sandwiches. Like the sandwich, oatmeal is all about the ingredients that go into them. We find that fresh berries, honey and maple syrup, nuts, fruits, shaved coconut, and herbs like mint and lemon balm can elevate the humble oatmeal into something truly inspiring. Don’t feel that you have to get stuck in the sweet side of the spectrum, either. Treat your oatmeal base just like you would grits, with plant-based cheese and bacon, and you’ll have a breakfast treat to make your taste buds sing. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try the three veggie breakfast food types above. Make them your own, and you’ll have a super-healthy breakfast that doesn’t feel like a diet.