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Out With The Old in With The New


My friends, its to rejuvenate our senses and tap into our whole body, mind and soul by joining a detox challenge. This challenge will allow us to understand our bodies in a completely different way. Now is the perfect time to build our bodies while making nutrition and well-being in the focus of our days!

Here is the challenge: We go on a personal journey by focusing on a 30 day detox program. For me, I was inspired to take the challenge after reading the book, It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Their plan makes use of the “caveman” (paleo) diet as a way for us to change our diets for optimum health. We all go back to our roots as the hunter and gatherer.

The concept is simple, eat a lot of hearty vegetables with a protein source. Cooking speaks to the soul with the concept of a farm to table philosophy. I enjoy learning about all the elements of cooking.

Thirty Days to Change Your Diet

It’s a plan to change your life. The principle in every type of food you eat either makes you healthy or not. It’s that simple. According to “the whole thirty plan” there are four main principles for good food. Eat food that supports a healthy psychological response, hormonal response, gut, and immune system functions and normal inflammatory response.

No reason to start without knowing what we are getting ourselves into. I suggest reading the book, It Starts With Food, or check out the website, to fully understand what we are in for. There’s so much valuable information about how our diets are, let’s say, unorganized. For some reason our diets have manipulated the brain into thinking that cravings are a great time to snack when we should not be doing so. There are so many temptations out there. If you really take a look at the supermarket aisles there is a lot of excess junk food that we do not need.

List of No’s

No sugar, sweeteners and alcohol, no seed, no grains and legumes and don’t forget to give up all forms of dairy too. This is an intensive list, but keep in mind those healthy food principles are the reason you cannot eat them. You’re doing this to make a change from your behaviors of the past, which are affecting your present and possibly your future if you don’t stop and think twice about what you’re consuming. We want to be making healthy lifestyle choices.

What Can You Eat?

Your options are open to the endless selection of meat, seafood and eggs with plenty of vegetables and fruit. Vegetables are good for you. It’s that simple. Use the guiding principles to focus on the protein first then filling your plate up with greens. The plan consists of eating three meals a day, no snacking, stop eating before bedtime, start with breakfast and make sure you drink plenty of water. Make sure you read your labels closely and if there is an ingredient you don’t know then it’s probably bad for you. Be creative with what you got.

When The Thirty Days Are Up

When the thirty days are up, it’s time to reevaluate your connection with everything you couldn’t eat. Alcohol is allowed, but do use it in moderation. It’s much harder to make a good food choice out there rather than a bad one these days. It’s a tool for you to decide what are the best choices for yourself.

The Whole Thirty diet makes you see food with that creative love connection to take care of your well being. Meal planning has been creative with roasting vegetables and pairing them with grilled fish. I have learned how to make curry from scratch simply by simmering fresh ginger, garlic and curry powder to coconut milk then add the vegetables. Also, fresh guacamole is very easy to make. All you need is an avocado, mango, red onion, and one chill dice them up, mix it in a bowl and you’re all set. Homemade salad dressing is simple too. Simplicity with food is a beautiful thing.

Christine -Anuszewski-BioChristine is the owner of Christine Anuszewski Photography. She appreciates the beauty of this planet and grew up in Coastal Southern Maine where she spent her childhood exploring the beach, the ocean, the outdoors and all of the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Christine believes that by observing the world, how animals interact with one another, the motion of the waves of the ocean, the changing of the seasons and all that happens naturally, we have the same capacity within ourselves to be a part of the natural world. “Letting go of our own emotional drama and self-imposed limitations will help us to deepen our own love vibration to live out our lives in accordance to the laws of nature and create the space for inner peace and a much more abundantly filled lifestyle.”  Learn more at

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